Friday, November 16, 2012

Filthy Friday – Kitchen Queen Edition


Have you enjoyed the Kitchen Queen Contest so far, Bitches?


  1. i feel there's a flaky crust,
    but it has nothing to do with a pie.

  2. The blue veining in blue cheese is an example of the "good" type of bacteria found in the kitchen. An example of "bad bacteria" veins would be found by lifting MJ's black cape and looking at her bulging blue leg veins as she stands at the kitchen counter and pours a special mixture of gin and diet coke into her "go cup" for work.

  3. I am enjoying it the MOSTEST.

    Beneath her black cape you will usually find her dressed in 'Wonderwoman' Underoos! And Doc Martins with red laces. And a firemans' hat.

  4. Enjoying the contest very much, margarine and all! Although I don't think I trust the batter in this particular recipe!

    Did I win yet?

  5. I'm with Mr von Lax.

    Is it Boy Batter that he's making?
    My fear is that the rolling pin shall never be the same again after he has finished with it.

    As for the competition... I have to say that i'm quite full up to pussy's bow thank you and feeling quite like "Mr Creosote"

  6. Why am I drawn to conclude that today's recipe may be cheesy balls? Jx

  7. Looks to me as if he is so lonely, he's trying to make his own Pastry Poofs!

  8. it's tres FABU but I do hope the man in the picture doesn't roll up his limp cock-a-too in dough and bake it!