Monday, January 17, 2011

Happy Birthday, Kapitano!

Please join us in wishing longtime Infomaniac Bitch Kapitano, a happy birthday!


Mistress MJ is still away but will return to blogging very soon.

In the meantime, let us know your birth date (year optional) so you can be on the Infomaniac birthday list.

And maybe even get a bit of cake!


  1. Happy Birthday!

    Don't burn the candle at both ends.

  2. Happy Birthday Kapitano!!!
    (and from this photo, a superior capricorn.)

    November 14, 1962, Mistress, a Wednesday child filled with woes; or whoes, I get the two confused sometimes.

  3. PS: When is The Mistress' birth date and year?

  4. the talent in this place is spectacular.

  5. Now that is an interesting take on DIY sack and crack waxing.

    Happy Birthday Kapi!

    I'll put in a request for your skills during the next power outages shall I?

  6. Happy Birthday Kapitano.

    That really is an interesting take on a yoga pose. What's really going to be interesting, is watching him trying to blow it out.

    Do to some pressure, I will not sing Happy Birthday.

    You can remove your stilletto heel from the back of my neck Mistress, please also let go of my arm. My shoulder hurts.

  7. happiest of birthdays my kapitano. kabuki is filled with joy for you. later kabuki will have cake and open presents. for you as well. we all do what we can. like xl - how thoughtful of him to hold the candle for us.

  8. Happy Birthday, Kapti!
    And be careful not to burn the soles of your feet.

  9. Ay Capt'n: Happy Birthday you salty dog.

  10. Thank you all very much, my fellow bitches.

    Having woken up t 12:30 on my B-day (and on my bidet, but that's another story), I plan to spend the next 18 hours watching crap sci-fi videos from the 70s, looking at plushie-porn...

    ...and feeling smug because I'm keeping to my diet by just looking at the enormous bar of chocolate.

    Smug is the new virtuous.

    (But just when is Mistress MJ's bidet?)

  11. Been a little inactive myself! Lovely candelabra you have there by the way! Does it come in all colors?

    Birthday: May 11th 1988.

  12. Happy birthday Kapi!

    May you have a lovely day, and I think I may have to watch some plushie porn too.

    You may lick my stilettos. No, not you Beastie.

  13. Hey Kapi

    Because it's your birthday, I thought I'd share this with you

  14. What an odd way to keep one's feet warm.

    Still, happy birthday, Kapi!

  15. @Cyberpete: It's always good to have something soft and furry to rest your head on after, erm, head.

    @IVD: There are stranger ways.

    And I know you've just imagined them.

    I've still got a rather nice video of your youthful exploits somewhere. Perhaps when I'm 40, I'll share myvideos.

  16. KAPI: Send Mistress MJ the trailer for your films NOW, won't you?

  17. happy belated birthday, kapitano! i hope it was delish, sugar! xoxoxox