Sunday, May 23, 2010

Remembering Mr. Mutley

Earlier today we received this sad news from Mr. Mutley’s life partner, Kate…

To all readers of Mutleythe dogsdayout
I am so terribly sorry to break this news:
Rob, the author here on blogger of mutley the dog, and my beloved partner in life died peacefully in his sleep in the early hours last Friday, the 21st of May.
I would have preferred to email readers privately. That would have been best, I know. So sorry. Simply it is this - I am heart-broken.
At some near time I will post properly, as Rob would wish - a celebration!

Mutley became an Infomaniac bitch way back in 2006 and we have looked forward to his posts and his comments ever since.

Today, I’ll re-post an interview Infomaniac did with Mr. Mutley on March 12, 2008.

His beloved Jack Russell terrier and namesake, Mutley the Dog, passed away after this post in July, 2009.

Mr. Mutley, you may be gone but you are not forgotten.

We’ll miss you.


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Never before has the man behind Mutley the Dog been seen on the Internet. (Apart from an online dating site.)

Remember. You saw it here first, folks.

Welcome to a new series on Infomaniac.

From time to time, Infomaniac will conduct an up-close-and-personal interview with an Infomaniac reader.

Today we feature MUTLEY THE DOG!

All the way from Bridport, England.

And so we begin…

For this interview I’d like 12 bottles of Evian natural spring water in my wardrobe room (leave the toilet seat up in case I deplete my supply) and a bowl of dry Eukanuba (take the odd-sized bits out) ready upon arrival. And beetroot juice for him.

INFOMANIAC: Everyone wants to know about the star of the show; your dog.

MUTLEY: Hes a smelly vicious and elderly jack russell terrier. He used to be a very active dog now he mostly likes sleeping.

INFOMANIAC: What makes Bridport THE place to be in England?

MUTLEY: It has a unique smell from the euro-abattoir and the beetroot pickling plant. It used to be a centre for ropemaking - but since the closure of the rope makery everyone is unemployed. People will do ANYTHING for money - like Cuba but not so sunny. The radiation spills have created a unique wildlife locally.. you can have a moustache without everyone thinking you are gay. The mullet is still in fashion... local girls do it for cigarettes.. Eggs are easy to come by .. its easy to bribe the Police...

INFOMANIAC: How are you doing in your goal to become an Internet millionaire?

MUTLEY: Very well I think !! I have made US$ 22 in the last year from ads!!

INFOMANIAC: How's your love life?

MUTLEY: Its looking up - looking up girls skirts that is!!

The Lovely Bonita: Has Mutley finally fallen for her charms? Or will he keep it professional as just her oboe tutor?

INFOMANIAC: What is the most bizarre request you've had sexually?

MUTLEY: I have never had a sexual request - do women make requests other than 'stop that' and 'please go away'?

INFOMANIAC: Our female readers and a few of the men want to know… what makes you the perfect catch?

MUTLEY: I am covered in scales and poach easily. No!! Thats my little joke! I have an enormous dong and I am rich - er... I am not the perfect catch - but any fat ugly women reading who are a bit desperate might think otherwise...

INFOMANIAC: Describe your personal fashion style. Including your undergarments.

MUTLEY: I wear clothes from ALDI - which are famously stylish - I have 2 pairs of undies - lime green - one to wear - one to 'wash'... I have a leather jacket and some sandals as well as work shoes and boots. Sometimes I dress as a woman.

INFOMANIAC: Take a look around your home. What do you see?

MUTLEY: There is a terrifying howling gale outside the window and a hole in the wall of the bedroom. I have a kitchen/living room with a fridge and a Baby Belling as well as a sink. There is a toilet - mushrooms grow there.. It is a fourth floor 'flat' with exciting views of rooftops!! Huge waves are rushing at the house and I may lose power any moment. Also its freezing cold.

INFOMANIAC: What are your hobbies?

MUTLEY: Allotment, fishing, collecting bus tickets, parking my car. Sleeping.

INFOMANIAC: According to your road tests, what would you say is the best alcoholic beverage to get you sozzled the fastest?

MUTLEY: Vodkat!!

INFOMANIAC: Where do you want to be in 10 years?

MUTLEY: Still in bed I hope - snoozing.

INFOMANIAC: Given this opportunity, is there anything you'd like to say to Infomaniac's readers?

MUTLEY: Oh.... er.....hello?

Goodbye for now, Mr. Mutley.

We’ll miss you.


  1. Thank you for re-posting this one.

    Will miss him so much.

  2. RIP, Mr. Mutley... you will be missed.

  3. Goodbye Mutley.. RIP buddy! xxoo

  4. So sorry to hear this news and I will miss his witty comments.

    *Clinks knife on glass, stands and raises a ‘Buttery Nipple’ in the air and toasts to the life of Rob*

    RIP Mutley

  5. Went to go visit his dog?
    Well, he'll be happy, then. What with the dog having snooted out all the good places to go...

  6. This is shocking and sad news, MJ.

    He wrote beautiful stories in his 2 other blogs. He was an excellent storyteller and writer and a very nice guy.

    There's a memorial for him site set up by his ex wife,

    He shall be missed.

  7. Thanks for posting that MJ. A wonderful and talented blogger.

    I'm a bit lost for words and feel like crying.

  8. A lovely tribute MJ considering the shock we are all experiencing.

  9. Thanks for posting this MJ . The news came as a bit of a shock .I am really going to miss him and his Bridport Universe

  10. Sad to hear MJ and I enjoyed the re-post of the interview, since it gave a good sense of Rob's sense of humour.

    A toast to Rob - and to Mutley - from the NWT.

  11. Oh how sad, I never had the pleasure.

  12. I am shocked and saddened by the sudden departure of Mutley. He will be missed. I enjoyed his sense of humor and his tales of his corner of the world. He was one of a kind, and I am glad to have known him, even for a little while, before he moved on to the next life.

    Farewell, Mutley, and safe journey and be at peace. I'll be keeping you and your family in my thoughts.

  13. Here's to the memory of Mr Mutley,
    and heartfelt condolences to Kate.
    Thaks MJ for this Post...

  14. A lovely way to remember him.
    He and his loved ones are in my prayers

  15. I’m touched that so many of you have left comments in remembrance of our friend, Mr. Mutley.

    Thanks also to Mr. Frobisher who posted about Mutley here and XL who posted about him here.

    I’m teary-eyed from today’s heartbreaking news but I’ve found some comfort (and plenty of laughs) from reading Mutley’s archives.

    I encourage those of you who knew him to dip back into his archives to experience the creative pleasure that was Mutley the Dog.

  16. I'll miss Rob & Mutley. I didn't visit his blog as often as I should. I don't know why as his stories about Bridport are easily more bizarre & creative than mine!

    Take care wherever you are

  17. I've only just logged on and I'm in a state of shock.
    I've been blogging two years and Mutley was amongst my first handful of commentors. I've always suspected him of turning up and pretending to be John Prescott... so we used to have a joke about pork pies. And pies in general.
    This is very sad news.

  18. RIP Mutley.

    *raises glass in tribute to him*

    Many hugs to Kate at what must be, a truly awful time.

  19. Let's also remember the genius who was Mu Tai Dong.

  20. This is a comment that BEAST left over at Mr. Frobisher's place. I'm posting it here because it's a great remembrance of Mutley...

    Hopefully Mutley and Rob will be cavorting through the fields of angry turnips , throwing stones at the flesh eating gulls en route for a reviving pint of Old Lesbian No 6 and a fray Bentos pie at the Ropemakers.
    Thats how I am going to remember them.

  21. Very well said Mr Beast.

    I'll never think of an abattoir again without thinking of Rob.

  22. Oh. :-( My condolences. Losing a friend is never easy, but I'm glad to hear Mutley left quietly in his sleep.


  23. Ah f*ck. He was so bright, clever, and just funny. I used to laugh at his weird imagery and I would find his thoughtful little gems left all over the place.
    He had this great confidence in his phrasing which I always admired.
    To slip away so young..I simply don't understand the universe. He added value to all the prattling and chattering out here and he made it fun and interesting.