Monday, September 10, 2007

Say Something Nice to MJ Day

G’won. I dare you.

Say something nice to me.


  1. You've got lovely tits.

    How about that?

  2. You remind me of my dog .... I like my dog, not the one I have now the one I had to shoot a few years back for shitting on the carpet all the time.

    I miss Blurt.

  3. What happend to the weekly bloggers roundup?

    Oh ok, I'll play along. My my, you sure have thick eyelashes

  4. As well as thick eyelashes, you have a lovely thick neck too.

  5. Lets face it - you're an all round thicko.

  6. ...and the wings complete your cherubic (if not Rubenesque) look, worthy of being immortalized in nude and religious paintings or even peeing fountain statues.

  7. WARING: And you sir, have a lovely hairy arse.

    KNUDSEN: Are you calling me a bitch?

    CYBERTWAT: Blogging Roundup will return when I’m good and ready and when someone changes their postings from All-Kylie-All-the-Time.

    TICKERS: I thought Pinot Grigio was your inspiration.

    TAZZY: Piggy made you say that, didn’t he?

    FROBI: I’m not sure you’ve cottoned onto the concept of playing nice.

    YNF: Peeing fountains?

    But instead of pee, I dispense liquor.

  8. "Qualcosa Nizza"...I'm Back! Ciao Bella x

  9. TONY: Bene! Now where are your fotografias of Venezia?

  10. You don't sweat much for a fat lass.

  11. FOOTMAN: Fat? At 118 pounds, I’m a real heavyweight.

    And I thought I told you not to come back ‘til you’ve sent me a photo of your bare arse?

    If all the other blokes here can send me pics of their alluring arses , why can’t you?

  12. I have a girl crush on you. If I ever decide to cut my hair into a mullet and start wearing Birkenstocks, then I'll head up to Canada to woo you.

    Plus you have your own cult of religious freaks devoted to saving you from burning in hell. I'm soooo jealous of that I can't tell you.

  13. I don't know why, but Knudsen's dog shooting comment has me laughing so hard, I'm now in tears!

    Oh yeah, the nice thing.

    Ummmmmm, gee, this is a tough one.

    I'd fuck ya.

    Is that good enough?

  14. PRU: To woo me you’ll have to fight off that horny bitch Maidy.

    Bitch fight!

    MAIDY: I bet you say that to all the girls.

  15. Besides yesterday, when was the last time I blogged about Kylie?

    Wake up!

    Oh your thighs are as your eyelashes


  16. Actually I do. Surprisingly, it's works!

    And I'm not bitch fighting. Too tired. Pru can have ya.

  17. Your sex op was a massive success.

  18. Your a wonderful warm human being with a great sense of humour and a fantastic personality.


  19. um...



    Ooh, I've got one: Hello.

    Well, it was the best I could think of on such short notice.

  20. CYBERTWAT: Whether or not you post about her everyday is not the point as she’s all over your blog!

    I’m sure you’re sitting there dressed in Kylie drag right now.

    MAIDY: Fickle bitch.

    CONNIE: Too bad I can’t say the same for yours.

    SID: Was it something you ate?

    Bring your own bucket next time.

    IVD: Don’t strain yourself.

  21. ok, when you sit like that your snatch does NOT attract polar bears. fine.

    no really, it doesn't.

    Footman is exempt from the ass gallery because 1. I said so, and 2. you couldn't handle it.

  22. p.s.
    I'd do ya too. You'd have to wear the stripey tights and call me 'Mr. Lautrec' but I'd do ya.

  23. FN: So you've seen Footman's arse? Email me the pic. He doesn't have to know.

    Monsieur Lautrec: You'd do me too? There's a lot of latent carpet munching going on in here today.

  24. I think that you are absolutely wonderful.

  25. HE: *waits for the cruel punchline*

  26. HE: Do I owe you money or something?