Wednesday, September 05, 2007

The Morning After

Excuse my lack of pep.

As you can see, I’m a little tired today after yesterday’s exorcism.

Does anyone have any idea what happened to me?

And can anyone offer an elixer?


  1. Gin and sprite usually does the trick

  2. "A Nice Cuppa Tea"......?
    A Biscuit (hobNobs).and A Needle Full of Drugzzzzzz!!!!
    yes! My camera will be busy!!!! :)

  3. "Fleet" colonostopy prep..oral with orange crush or via rectal ci-nema..YOU decide, we won't judge.
    xo Peri

  4. As we says back 'ome in Newfoundland - 'e licks 'er and she should - in turn - say back to da feller "thanks be to da Lard liftin' dyin' Jaysus for dat me old trout" if she be any kind of girl wit de manners dat she be born wit.

    In some bays, da girls might say "my ducky" rather than "me old trout", but a clever and spry feller would stay well clear of dem girls. Dem kind can't be trusted, unless a feller is really shaggin' fer it, in which case he most likely don't give a fuck what she be sayin'while 'e licks 'er...

  5. Yesterday you signed up to become a nun in Calcutta; thus, you left me all your worldly possessions. Also, you owe me money...

    Would you like another alien pubic hair to garnish your elixir? or would you prefer Canadian, instead? I've some fresh Tlingit and Beaver...

  6. No elixir for you.

    Suffer bitch.

    Our web address has changed (temporarily) by the way - if you're interested.

  7. * vomits in horror - over Cyberpete - at the thought of gin being sullied with Sprite *

    Full fat tonic and nothing else!!

    As for the tiredness: Perhaps it wouldn't ba an issue if you were less of a ho?

  8. CYBERPETE: Gin and sprite may work on the stain removal.

    Frankly I was shocked to find I’d been drinking gin as it’s the only alcoholic beverage I abhor.

    *pours remaining gin over IVD*

    TONY: I’m hoping you mean your camera will be busy on your trip to Venice, not aimed at me hepped up on heroin-laced HobNobs.

    PERI: You seem to have an intimate knowledge of such practices.

    Not that I’m judging.

    NWT: Ta, my ducky.

    Lard love the Newfies.

    YNF: Me? A nun in Calcutta? Well someone has to take up the slack where Mother T left off.

    She died 10 years ago yesterday, didn’t she? So it’s about time we got a new “Saint of the Gutters.”

    PIGGY: Thanks for that LATE update.

    I’ve only been trying for hours to access your blog through the Mongs address that you said would work while you were temporarily out of service.

    IVD: “ba” an issue?

    Have you been into the gin?

    Or are you just feeling sheepish?

  9. * soaks up gin through pores *

    Baaaa... Baaaa!

  10. HE: I'm not a prairie girl so I wouldn't know.

    IVD: You stink of the Devil’s breath.

    Satan’s had his tongue down your throat, hasn’t he?

  11. I have a feeling that's not the only orifice satans tongue has been down

  12. And it's not the only thing of Satan's that's been down that particular orifice, either!

  13. Nor the only orifice Satan's used

  14. The four of you should get a room: CyberSlut, IVD, Connie and the Devil.

  15. do you have a glass eye? because Satan wouldn't have a problem filling that gap either...