Monday, September 24, 2007

Happy Birthday, Alasdair and Kaz!

Double birthday greetings go out today to Canuckistan’s Alasdair (aka nwtrunner) and our favourite Mancunian minx, Kaz.

Happy Birthday, Alasdair!

Alasdair lives way up north in Canada’s western Arctic. As a tribute to him on his special day, I’ve composed a pome:

He’s from the land of ice and snow
Where’s there’s nowt to do but ski, you know
And hope for some fellatio
From a friendly Eskimo

Happy Birthday, Kaz!

Kaz needs no introduction (ask any man in Manchester) and here’s a wee pome for her as well:

A good time gal from northern Blighty
Table dances in her nightie
She loves her vodka, she's a lush
Her antics make the punters blush

Please join Infomaniac in wishing these two remarkable characters best wishes on their big days.


  1. I'd like to thank my pal emjay
    For greetings on my special day

    For lunch it's vodka down the pub
    Then pole dancing at the 'Obsessions club'

  2. Yes, Happy Burpday to the both of them from us two.

    There. I've been nice today.

  3. I've stolen the picture for my sidebar.

    Thanks nice Piggy.
    What about a kiss?

  4. KAZ: You don't know where Piggy's mouth has been.

  5. All over Tazzy's ringpiece!

    *snogs kaz and transfers some of tazzy's organic chocolate mouse*

  6. * vomits *

    Happy birthday you two. Alasdair & Kaz, not Piggy & Tazzy.

  7. Happy Birthday guys.
    I'm sure the best hangover is on it's way.

    *raises a glass*

  8. So much for nice Piggy

    Thanks IVD - my birthday's on a special day as we're expecting an announcement from you soon.

    Tatas *Bottoms up* (see gnome)

  9. Yay! We're back just in time!

    I'd rather see MJ's birthday greetings
    Than inferior bloggers' whines and bleatings
    So let's all go out on the razz
    And toast young Alasdair and Kaz

    p.s. MJ lifted that first poem from Led Zep.

  10. Thanks for the well wishes everyone and a big, big happy birthday from me to Kaz too!

    There may well be drinking (and hangovers perhaps tatas) involved. But for my prezzie to myself I'm outta here today and making my way across to the UK for 3 weeks. Yep, Old Knudsen has arranged for me to do a series of seminars on bare-arse cross-country skiing. We're expecting big crowds...

    Thanks MJ!! See ya in late October.

  11. PIGGY: Kaz loves chocolate AND she loves Tazzy so really, what more could she ask for?

    IVD: Hurry up and announce the winner before I have to leave for work.

    TATAS: Do you have a hangover remedy you can recommend?

    We’re all going to need it if all these toasts continue.

    KAZ: Wouldn’t it be fab if you won The Shorts on your birthday?

    GEOFF: Do you think Zep will sue me? Valhalla, I am coming!

    Welcome back, Geoff. We’ve missed you.

  12. NWT: Alasdair, you snuck in there!

    You're gone 'til October?!

    I hope the press turns out for your barenaked skiing in the same numbers that Lance Armstrong gets for his fundraisers. Alert the media!

  13. the best hangover remedy?


    Don't know as i've never had one but that's due to drinking two pints of water before bed.

    Then another drink by noon the next day.

    Enjoy the hangovers


    *bottoms up*

  14. TATAS: We want to cure a hangover.

    Not pee the bed.

  15. I would've rather seen a picture of Kaz's nekkid butt.

    Now if you'll excuse me, I must go gouge out my eyes.

    P.S. Best wishes to the both of you.

  16. Calls 'Happy Birthday' to twin Alasdair - glad it's his arse and not mine going skiing.

    Re choc and Tazzy - That would be great but I was reading double entendres between the lines

  17. Tatas has never pissed the bed, although ...

    Happy birthday your presents are in the post

  18. RIMSHOT: All male bloggers new to Infomaniac must submit a pic of their bare arse to me.


    KAZ: You are welcome to send a pic of your bare arse as well.

    CONNIE: Tatas is wearing a good strong set of nappies which is why the pee hasn’t soaked through the bed.

    IVD: As you can see, I rushed home and got to yell “Yay! First!” to the lucky winner.

  19. MJ you cheeky fucker. You really want to get on with this mud bath fight don't you.

    I'll be watching you bitch.

  20. Happy birthday

    sorry for the lateness but I'll drink to you anyway

    *raises mimosa*

  21. TATAS: Oooooo…I’m shakin’.

    CYBERCINDY: Are you watching Dynasty and adjusting your shoulder pads as you sip your mimosa?

  22. Happy Belated Birthday to an Absolutely Fabulous Goddess and a great winter humanitarian feeding hungry Eskimos...

    Cheers to a fantastic year!