Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Danish Pastry

Piggy and I spent the better part of the evening discussing how to achieve world peace and eliminate poverty and global warming.

So it was only natural that the conversation should steer from those issues to that poofy little Danish pastry, CyberPete.

Two things in particular are on our minds:

1) What does he look like?


2) Which name best suits him?

We also tried to imagine his sex life but we both got nauseous thinking about it. Piggy supposes it involves CyberWhatever posing as a 12-year-old girl to entertain toothless Krauts.

So let’s address these issues one at a time…

1) What does he look like?

I’m sure you’re all familiar with the national symbol of Denmark, The Little Mermaid?…

Well, I think CyberPete looks just like her…

2) Which name best suits him?

What name shall we use to address CyberPete from now on? He’s not fond of CyberTwat although I think that name is as apt as any other. So let’s review the possibilities.

Please select your fave name for CyberPete or suggest one of your own:




  1. Yay! First! Again!

    CyberPoo is the funniest, although I quite like CyberSlut.

  2. And you lie! You didn't post this at 12:01am 18/09/07. It's only 11:32pm there.

  3. IDV, MJ has a time machine...haven't you ever wondered why her pic is on those WWII VD posters?

    Given CP's luv of Kylie M and his penchant for fashion, I'd call him CyberChic...I'm sure he's just as fun as the doll ;)

    Oh, and IDV, your eye(s) keep following me around the room...

  4. I don't know if it's in poor taste to vote on your own name for a poll but when have I ever cared about that.

    Oh how I laughed when I read CyberCindy but CyberSlag works too.

    ..and what I look like, well just you wait, I will post a photo of that Thursday and it ain't a pretty picture

  5. I think CyberPoo . . . wasn't the Chef from The Muppets from Daneland?

  6. No No No not Cyberpoo.
    It has to be one of the first two on the list.

    I have a slight preference for the second one (alliterative) - though you know I can't write it.

    I can say it but you can't hear me.

    What am I on about?

  7. IVD: CyberSLUT? Well no surprise you’d choose that as it takes one to know one, yes?

    And I’ve explained the time thing twice previously on this blog so I’m not going into it again. It’s done for the benefit of you twats in the UK is all you need to know.

    Now get back to your compo.

    YNF: CyberCHIC? Did you see those pics he posted of the Jessica Simpson trailer trash shoes?

    Think again!

    CYBERWHATEVER: Should we wear protective eye covering when you post your pic?

    Will we get to see your mansnatch?

    FROBI: Swedish.

    Yet I’m wondering if, like a puppet, you can put your hand up CyberPete’s backside to make his mouth move.

    KAZ: Say the “c” word Kaz. Go on. Say it.

    Care for another drink?

  8. I am not baring all, but sunglasses are recommended as it's a very bright picture.

    Personally I don't feel the need for any photos of mansnatch when you keep sending me rude pictures of yourself MJ.

    Go on Kaz say it, say it loud and proud . Cyber cee you next tuesday

  9. CYBERSOMETHING: No part of your body can possibly be as bright as the glow from IVD's legs.

  10. Cyberpussy - Like Octopussy but with Cyber in it!

  11. I stayed up late pondering this decision and well, I think it is definately CyberCindy.

    Ok, I didn't really stay up late because anyone who really knows me knows that I am in bed before 10:00 on any given night of the week because I just adore sleeping!

    CyberCunt would work to and I could fit that into my new favorite saying... "I am the last CyberCunt you will ever meet"! Yay, that works!


  12. RIMSHOT: CyberPussy! Nice one!

    Everyone give Rimshot a rimshot. Ba-dum-CHING!

    Or a good rimming.

    KRISSTEEN: Go back to sleep. We won't disturb you.

    KAZ: CyberWon't more like.

    We were all shocked and appalled the day that CyberSomething first uttered the "C" word. Should the day ever come when we hear it uttered from your lips, there will be free rounds for everyone here on the blog in your honour.

  13. MJ you are right about that, they are blinding.

    awww Kaz

  14. what did people get when I said the C word for the first time here?

  15. Was I sleep commenting again? I hate it that shit happens!

  16. Oh god I so want to see that porn movie. Young bints covered in Danish pastries, heaven! As for a name for CyberPete I'm going with CyberPoof.

  17. How about CyberMuff?

    Otherwise I like CyberSlag.

    Kirsteen: that is the best avatar I have ever seen! (after mj's, of course.)

  18. Hello I was just thinking how everything in your blog is fairly well ... racy...

    as for that picture, I was thinking it might make a convenient cigarette holder, for smoking on the beach (bit soggy maybe but hey!)

    lovely stripey stockings, btw

    lots of love

    "vol 2" ...

  19. cyber-cyber we dont have enough stuttering on the Web!

  20. Not sure on the name...I checked on the anagrams for all of them, and the best ones came up for Cyberpete = Creepy bet? Or Cybertwat = Batty crew?

    Cybersæk is nice which translated from the Danish is Cyberbitch,though that funny letter is hard to find on any keyboard.

    Or how about Cyberskrid or Cuyberpule?

    You can work those out from visiting..

    Dirty Danish

    Oh you decide..

  21. Hey honey! I've been having some trouble with haters, so I am making changes at my spot. But I will be back soon! Miss you!

  22. Oh my lord SID!

    I haven't heard of half of these. I think the artist took some liberties with words like:


    and I still have no clue what "bøssehåndtag" are...

    Still priceless!

  23. cunt.cunt.cunt.cunt.cunt.cunt.

  24. I do believe that Kaz has seen the light.. Some say cunt like it is a bad thing.. pfftt.. I find it absolutely, positively complimentary!

  25. oh my lord!

    The drinks went to Kaz head!

    Good girl!!!

  26. Drinks? Who gave Kaz drinks? And where the fuck is mine?

  27. The word 'cunt' uttered at you correctly is absolutely positively the most wonderful compliment you could receive.

  28. No No NO SID...

    Don't yell it... speak it softly...

    c u n t....

    Ahh, doesn't that feel nice?

  29. BITCHES: Why does this always happen when I go away for the day? I come home to find my beautiful blog sullied by the likes of you lot! Have you no respect?

    Welcome back, Gledwood. Of all the days for you to drop in.

    And Emma, haven’t seen you in ages either. Help yourself to a sticky pastry.

    Awa, we miss you too. Those scrapbookers are a bunch of nutters.

    SID, excellent research, as usual.

    *bookmarks Dirty Danish site*

    I’ve had to lie down with a cold compress following Kaz’s cunt outburst…Free drinks for everyone as a result. I’m still not over the shock.

    Oh, I almost forgot. Let’s just all live in the moment and call CyberPete whatever we damn well please as the mood dick-tates.

    p.s. Piggy is right.

  30. cyberhoor, there do I win the shorts? no? thank fuck.

  31. KNUDSEN: No, you don't win The Shorts but the name Cyberhoor wins as my fave.

    I would kiss you but you don't know where my mouth has been.

  32. One - eyed Flipper !!