Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Choose an Avatar for MJ

What do you mean, this avatar is already taken?

UPDATE: The stripey legs wins as my avatar! Now if only I could figure out how to add it to my Profile.

Shockingly, I have discovered there are other MJs in the Blogosphere!

Other MJs who occasionally leave comments on some of the same blogs I visit. And they, like me, do not have avatars. Confusion could ensue.

So I’m asking you bitches to help me choose a photo for my Blogger Profile. Here are the options…

MJ models The Shorts from The Freakin’ Green Elf Shorts Caption Competition…

MJ dead drunk in Elf Shorts…

MJ with a troll head…

Cigar smoker #1…

Cigar smoker #2…

Please select one of the above or offer a suggestion of your own.


  1. Lovely teeth in those cigar photos.

    How about that smiley I sent you? If not, I think the drunken elf legs are very good.

  2. Cigar#2 would be my choice.What A Sexy Chick!

  3. How about a rancid old cunt?

    Oh, sorry - I see you posted some pics of them already.

    I suppose any of them will do.

  4. The trollhead would be my choice.

  5. Love those stripey legs.

    Not the cigar smoker - I don't ever want to see that again

  6. I'd go for the legs if they show up smaller or maybe you could pose for something with less clothes on?

    Just a thought...

  7. Stripey legs 'n' Jameson's. If Kaz has booze in hers, you should have it in yours, n'est-ce-pas? And I agree we'd not wanna see the cigar smoker on a regular basis, whereas we could see stripey legs with various fine bottles of spirits, wine, and even beers...

  8. Oh baby! You know how I love it when you wear those freakin green elf shorts and striped tights for me. But it's bad enough that I have to share you with those other ho's. I don't want the whole internet seeing your sexy legs. So I guess I'll choose Cigar Smoker #1. Your wart looks particulary lovely in that one.

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. certainly there must be something you can glean from here

    if not, i'm for glinda the good witch.

  11. CYBERSLUT: That pic you sent me was indecent.

    What do you think I am?

    TONY: Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful.

    PIGGY: If only I had “scratch and sniff” on the pics just for you.

    BILLY: You’re the only one so far but trollhead noted.

    KAZ: I would hate to lose you over a cigar.

    You and Tony may have to fight this one out.

    MUTLEY: What? Like midget legs?

    What kind of kink are you into?

    NWT: But Kaz is a lush. That’s why she has a bottle of booze in her pic.

    I’m not in the gutter, you know.

    PRU: Ho’s and hose.

    Hahaha. Made myself laff.

    FN: When you took that pic of me you promised never to post it.

    Bitch! I’ll get my revenge.

  12. A slut perhaps MJ?

    Oh and FN doesn't that somewhat look like Liz Taylor in her days with much bigger boobs?

  13. What about "that pic" you sent me?

    You know.....that one.


  14. It's gotta be the stripey legs. The first elf-shorts one won't work when shrunk down to avatar size, and the other two are just... just...
    words fail me.

    or on that page FN sent there's a pic of a woman doing scissor legs in the air and showing the world her appendix from the bottom view. that would work as well. But i still like the stripey legs.

    word veri: "xndhag" xenophobic, nude, douchebag hag!

  15. CYBERCUNT: Slag.

    SID: Don’t you dare let on about that…those pics.

    Is someone forgetting the “artistic photos” I have of a certain Oirish cunt?

    I don’t mind though if you post the pics you took of us with the self-timer. Your huge arse was obstructing my face anyway.

    *laffs harder and louder*

    CB: The scissor legs made a big impression on me too.

    I think a group of us should get together and do a scissors shot for the blog. Too bad the name "Scissor Sisters" is already taken.

  16. Good job your neck was able to get over it.

    Yes I forgot about the "other" pics,though how could I forget..EH?

  17. SID: Yer one cheeky gat.

    I'm sure Piggy would love to get his PhotoShopping wee trotters on some of the pics I have of you.

  18. The one with the boobs! The one with the boobs!

    Hey, an old college buddy of mine has invited me to visit him in Toronto...I don't know when I'd go though. He is a health nut and says that veggie burgers are all the rage there and I need my meat.

  19. Another vote for the one with the boobs!

    Oh damn, I already voted.

    Can I vote more than once?

  20. As much as your real face is so charming with that cigar sticking out of your mouth...

    ...I have to vote for a closeup, cropped shot of the shorts over your face, Pic No. 1.

    Make sure you get that cleavage in there, whether or not that's really yours, and the elf too.

  21. AWA: Are you crazy? That would be too much boobage on the Interweb what with my cleavage and your cleavage both competing for blog space. It would be dueling boobies!

    Yeah, we know how you need your meat…how you like a big ole tube steak. There’s plenty of meat to be chawed down on in Toronto. And if you miss southern cookin’ while you’re in Canada, head on over to Southern Comfort. Get your fill of catfish and cornbread, hush puppies and pecan pie. I’ve eaten there several times and it’s mmm mmm goooood.

    WW: Dammit that IS my cleavage. I go out of my way to strike a pose in the Elf Shorts for you buncha ingrates and this is the thanks I get. Those are my legs in the stripey stockings too in case that was your next question.

  22. My God woman. How could I not notice? You musta been hiding them, thinking I would pounce.

    Anyway, that's my vote. I think it would suit your character for an avatar, definitely...

  23. Um, I am just passing through with another vote for boobage.

    Hell, if it crashes the internet, it would have been well worth it for a billion dudes out there.

    I do need my meat, I might be that way..but dammit if finding a babysitter for four isn't hard!

    Besides, I'd have the entire country of Canada singing 'America The Beautiful, for Awaiting is just so wonderful!'

  24. WW: I was keeping the goods under wraps when we met.

    I’ve heard tales about you Winnipeg boys.

    AWA: How many vodka shots have you had now, woman?

    *hands Awa a Beefy McManstick and a dickory-smoked coal sausage*

  25. And it's a good thing you did for what you heard is true about us Winnipeg Wonder Boys.

    You mighta been dead meat, so to speak.

    Speaking of meat, I just tried to go over to Awaiting's site and I see she's charging admission.

    Or you have to have an invitation or somesuch. Sigh. And she's thinkin' bout visiting Canada?

  26. *royal voice booms* WW...due to your sexiness, intelligence and pure wit and charm, you are now granted permission into the Kingdom of Awaiting.

    Heehee, I ran into some drama on a scrapping board and didn't want the ladies on my blog, so I blocked it! :)

  27. AWA and WW: Would you two please get a room?

  28. If number 4 doesn't win I'll eat my hat!

  29. HE: Oh look! It's another devil-may-care Winnipeg Wonder Boy!

    #4? Eh? Do you mean cigar smoker #1?

  30. It goes without saying that I would expect to see the full frontal view.

  31. ..and that's Whateverpeg Wonder MAN!

  32. *blinks*




    you always have a post ready for me to read before going to work in the morning


  33. HE: WhateverMan.

    CYBERSLUT: I'm still pondering my avatar decision.

    These things take time.

    Look how fucking long it's taking IVD to post the Elf Shorts Compo. Go complain over there.

  34. Complain at IVF's? There's no point, the lazy cunt never checks (or adds anything to) his blog.

  35. True Piggy!

    Still I was shocked this morning as I'm so used to an update

    I almost had to call in sick

  36. I'm just very busy, you impatient cunts.

    Anyway, I'm glad you haven't posted anything yet, MJ. I still need to vote.

    And the vote goes to...

    'Dead drunk in Elf Shorts'.

  37. Yeah the stripey tights one,just so I can stare at that bottle of Jamesons..go on,go on,go on,go on, go on....

  38. hey mj, my vote is for cigar smoker #1. It rife with tackiness and phallic symbols. What could be finer?

  39. PIGGY: Remember when SID diagnosed IVD with PSS? Pre Shorts Syndrome? I’m sure that’s what’s ailing him.

    CYBERSLAG: If the rest of you can slack off with the updating, so can I.

    IVD: Oh, look who finally got out of bed.

    The Queen has made her entrance!

    Surprised you could be bothered. Rough night at the docks?

    SID: Staring at Jamesons can only lead to one thing.

    I wouldn’t want to be a bad influence on you.

    KYAHGIRL: Where the hell have you been?

    Compo next week over at IVD’s if you’re interested. If he gets off his bony arse to post it, that is.

  40. * throws disdainful looks upon the commoners *

    I'm working on part of it right now, actually.

    * sweeps majestically from this pit of heathen nonsense *

  41. IVD: Which part?

    Photoshopping your body to pass as masculine?

  42. More like photoshopping out the alsatian.

  43. A naked picture of you with a 2 litre bottle of fanta up yer doot, make it black and white to look artsy.

  44. Okay, bitches. Who just commented as me (above) that isn't me just because I can't figure out how to post this danged pic to my Profile?

    Can I get some help with this thing?