Thursday, September 06, 2007

Geo’s a Naughty Boy

Bend over, Geo.

You’ve been a very naughty boy, haven’t you?

This is going to hurt us more than it will hurt you, Geo

Maidy and I are going to give you a thwacking you won’t forget unless you give a good answer to this question…


Where will we go NOW for accounts of big rigs, tales of tanks, massive weaponry, World War Two battle reenactments and bitch-fighting Barbie dolls? Where, I ask you?

Bitches: A show of hands if you think Geo should be punished for deleting his blog?

And when Maidy and I are through with you we’re turning you over to this guy…

Prepare for punishment, Trucker Boy!


  1. After successfully avoiding your blog for almost two whole weeks I am happy to see that you are still a filthy cunt. I am officially welcoming myself back because I know you won't.

  2. Yeah Geo you'd better get that blog back because MJs got a paddle and she's not afraid to use it

    trust me!

    *avoids sitting down today*

  3. I thought about deleting my beanbag blog but no I just posted like you said to.

  4. At least he had a working blog.


  5. WARING: Fuck off. I know that you paid Knudsen to write that update on your blog.

    Is that you in the SpongeBob mascot outfit? Or were you the Genie from Aladdin?

    I’m not speaking with you ‘til you send me pics of your so-called slimmed-down hairy arse. I’ll believe it when I see it.

    CYBERTWAT: I use the backsides of Danes as practice pads.

    KNUDSEN: How much did Waring pay you to write his blog update?

    Not enough obviously as it could have been better.

    MAIDY: I just visited the Poofs site and they’re working on completing the server update so that finally we can read YOUR blog again.

    And where is Geo? We want to hear from GEO!

    Off topic, Tazzy & Piggy posted a Facebook warning article from BBC. I also recommend reading Taz & Pig’s posting about it on their blog.

    Come on, GEO! Where are you?

  6. I was a'wondering what happened to Maidy...with Geo's down, I had my boots all laced up for a trek to their spot.

    Ok, not really, but I was a'wondering.

  7. Forget the blog, let's all watch the spanking.

  8. AWA: If you start walking now, you should be in Philly in time for the Fall foliage spectacular.

    CYBERPETE: Smække!

    TICKERS: If Geo ever shows his face around here (and then turns around), your wish will be granted.

  9. *passes popcorn to tick* oo, she's gonna use the leather paddle! come on, tick! do the wave! WAAAAAAVE!

  10. Ja smæk min røv din sæk

    hårdere... hårdere!

  11. FN: My backhand under-the-leg "swing and smack" is a real crowd-pleaser.

    CYBERSMAEK: You're a filthy little poofter.

    *hasn't a clue what he's on about*

  12. She's doing the 'under-leg-swing-smack-thing' again!

    *hands popcorn back to FN to do standing ovation*

  13. Mj...don't think I won't! I could use the exercise. But they better have a big ol' philly steak waiting on me!

  14. This is all a bit confusing. Why would I pay Knudsen to update my blog?
    And why are you so angry?

  15. TICKERS: Spoken as someone who appreciates artistry. Thank you.

    AWA: With our without onions?

    WARING: I'm angry that I have to wait to hear about your radical choice in underwear preference.

    Why must you tease us so?

  16. I can't believe you people!

    All the best cunts are missing...
    noreen, steve fossett, my arsehole husband and now, ball bag.

    And with the "Hangar
    Queen " Out fer the count...FECk!!!

    Yer all a bunch of smokin 20 major "league" ah-rsholes..

    Il'l be fisted by a gorilla cucumber or banana and finished off by a lightweight refractory --like---Eddy Waring...I am very disappointed...INDEED! But I like yer the shape of yer bum

  17. Is Pari Mason on drugs?

    Or a figment of my overactive imagination?

    Perhaps I'm in a coma?

  18. I am also Pari Mason during times of self loathing and drunkeness.

    To answer Eddie's questions to achieve greatness and PMS as usual, in that order.

  19. PARI: Off your meds again?

    PIGGY: See comment above.

    KNUDSEN: You're not Pari, you lying old cunt.

    Not unless you've secretly taken up residence in Canada.

  20. OUCH!!!! Is that a red butt monkey?

  21. MyTOES: It is NOW.

    Nice colour on your toes, by the way.