Monday, August 29, 2011

It's All About YOU

It’s no secret that this blog is all about you, Bitches, but there are times when Mistress MJ needs to kick back and let you do some of the work around here…


With that in mind, here’s your assignment over the next couple of days…

In the comments box, tell us a little about yourself, where you’re located, and what your blog is all about.

Mistress MJ’s secretary will be taking copious notes and filing them away for a future post.

You don’t need to know anything more about this for now.

Just DO it, Bitches!


  1. YAY First!

    How come is it that your post is dated on the 29th at 12H01 AM and it's just 21:24 the 28th!

    You're cheating, Mistress!

  2. Good question!

    In this case, I wanted to separate this story from the previous one so people wouldn't accidentally leave the comment for THIS post on the other one.

    If there isn't a date division, that sometimes happens.

    Now do what Mistress MJ told you to do!

  3. Me Me Me... That's all I ever think about!

    Your request is duly noted...

  4. Hi, my name is not mrpeenee, I'm an aries, a teensy bit too fond of pharmaceuticals and 80s pop music, I'm located in San Francisco because, you know, they need me here. I am a slavish fan of the Mistress, despite her trashy and lewd tendencies. Maybe because of them.

    My blog is a wholly narcissistic excuse to whine about how fabulous I am.

  5. Retired computer geek located in Austin, Texas. Desperately looking to move somewhere cooler and/or wetter.

    My blog is about entropy.

  6. Professional procratinator, member of the Church of Holy Indecisiveness, never been able to choose between "yes" or "no", wallowing in the bliss of an eternal "maybe".
    Well, I'm a Gemini... that says it all, does it?

    Was born in Montréal, grew up in Montréal, lives in Montréal, loves Montréal, died in Montréal... get it?
    And if I write Montréal with an accent aïgu it's because I'm a Frog and proud to be one.

    I'm also 1/4 Mohawk (make that 1/8) but have no land claim.

    I'm an opera signer wannabe and I hate opera! Go figure! (I'd rather sing Mahler but nobody wants to hear him... or is it nobody wants to hear me?)

    Now, I'm looking for a job as a horse caretaker. Do I have experience? NO! I didn't know I needed a PhD to pick up horse poop!

    My blog is about something... maybe it's about me... maybe it's about music... or maybe it's about nothing!

    It seems I can only post never-ending comments!

  7. Scarlet Blue, reporting for duty.
    I am in Devon, England, in the middle of a field.
    I used to write subversive narratives for adverts but since the big block of 2011 I write unanchored nonsense. Although sometimes I talk about dental problems.

  8. ...Oh, and I also have a calligraphy blog....

  9. ...and I write reviews on public toilets...

  10. Yes, I am the legendary Thombeau, a mystery wrapped in an enigma and smothered in secret sauce. So it is written, so it shall be. World without end. Amen.

  11. I wrestle jelly and write about the experience. Located in a colourful part of Bristol, which has apparently got the best shopping street in the UK

  12. Hello!
    My name is Wally and I am a Scorpio; people with my birth-date are most often murdered.
    I am a Queens' queen...
    And if you are going to fuck with a falcon, you best have had flying lessons.
    I love everyone & everything,,,,

    And the secret sauce that Thombeau is smothered in......
    It's my recipe....

  13. Oh hai!

    My name is Roses. I was born in Trinidad, I live in Norwich, Norfolk. I have no idea what I want to do when I grow up.

    I have two blogs. One where I whinge incessantly about Life, the Universe and Everything, the other where I post my observations on Life, the Universe and Everything.

    My pink, fluffy dressing gown is legendary.

  14. Right... I'm back... I'm Princess and my blog is called 'Palais de Steff' And I am very honoured to be an Infomaniac Bitch!

    I live in a place called Bendigo in central Victoria Australia. I live mostly in the future compared to many of you other infomaniac bitches, apart from maybe Damien Oz and Nursemyra...
    I write a lot of crap mostly... when I can be bothered, I Post pictures of nude houseboys, tell stories, talk about the whether post pictures of naked houseboys, show off my latest wares and creative adventures. I post utubers of muzaac or moving pictures and play Movie Clip Wednesday, when I remember and Haiku Monday when I can remember... I post about my gardening... family events, what the Empress has been up to... What I've been up to... some times what I write is attempted humour at other times it is from the heart and dead serious... Oh and I host the most entertaining annual Fabulous Frock competition and themed gala ball.

    Anyway my blog is shite.. so don't bother wasting your time visiting dhaaarlings... unless of course you want to be thoroughly bored out of your brain... erm... I mean totally engaged and entertained by mostly fun and the more frivolous things in life.

    Oh and I have another blog dedicated to my art, patch work and poetry/creative writing but it is in dire need of some attention...

    Have I been too verbose Dhaarling?

  15. Shalom from Down Under Bitches!!!

    For those RARE few who do not know me - I am a previous Mr Nude Infomaniac - # 1 Houseboy in the Stable of Mistress MJ and President of Princess Steph's Fan Club.....

    My blog is about Porn, People, Me, You, Music, Words, Topics, Jew, and some suWEET patootie.....

    I suggest you stop over and whilst you are there, seek out the other Aussies in my blog link sidebar...

    You'll be quite surprised what you will find ON - IN - AROUND - and dare I say - UNDERNEATH the fair corner of Oz that is my little house....

    And for all of you who visit regularly - and I know who ALL you are - my blessings and sincerest gratitude for stopping by :) - your patronage humbles this humble but obedient little slave of The Mistress...

    Shalom and blessings on you all...


  16. "Temporary Trouble Spots" is essentially an ongoing journal of my life to date. I've been blogging pretty much daily for 7 years.

    Not sure how to categorize my blog; it's cheaper than therapy comes to mind. Too, my Gemini nature provides an ample mix of laughs and thoughts best saved for those late night suicide hotline calls.

    It's all about me. As it should be. Pretty much, I think, yes. Pull up a chair and gather round, kiddies.

  17. I have no blog because I'm too busy commenting on what blogs you people have. I live in a small Texas town, the one that I grew up in and hated. I lived in San Francisco 13 yrs. then moved back home. I"m old enough now not to hate my town because I ignore it and live in my own world. I do despise the heat however and my electric bill equals a car payment.

  18. FirstNations is the name. I am a straight white conservative housewife who thinks gay people should go back to Africa where they belong.

    'Paul' was my blog.
    'Paul' was a blog filled with mystery, danger, suspense, titties, danger, action, laudenum, recipes and swearing, Daleks, rants about the funeral industry, drugs, laudenum, danger, potty humor, the book of Genesis, danger, Texas Fart Barbecues and an armadillo handbag.
    Stopped blogging when I got double-Dooced, which stings; the resulting shitstorm 'o retardation has only just died down.

  19. On the day I was born, Diedre wept cruel tears, eh, what?

    Well yes, I stole that from Auntie Mame. If you're going to pilfer you might as well pilfer from the best, no?

    I'm Cookie, the former poor little rich boy who grew up to be a poor little poor man.

    My husband and I, and our dog Rocky, live in Columbus Ohio. My blog is Doing Hard Time Shaker Heights

    In my spare time, when I am not writing real, honest to gosh books - tis true - I am a legitimate author and my name is in the Library of Congress(!) I am an avid genealogist as well as the family's black sheep.

  20. Beast is the name .
    I live in Bournemouth on the sizzling south Coast of England .
    I have a career with a major international bank as a computer programmer. The rest of my life is taken up with playing stooge to Dorchester restraunteur , night club owner and long time bestest friend , the dreadful Mr C .
    My blog is dedicated to maoning about the attrocities visited upon me at Cafe C and telling scurrilous lies about my friends Miss Scarlet and Miss MJ

  21. AyeM8y - Mean Dirty Pirate.

    I'm occasionally nice but mostly mean.

    I'm occasionally clean but usually dirty. Just review the, "Mr. Nude Infomaiac" title.

    I occasionally make up the shit I say on my blog but mostly I just pirate it.

    Lately I've too busy being mean, dirty and naked at truck stops to give a flying f**k about updating my blahg!

  22. All the same old warped minds are here, which is eternally good to see.

    I have returned to Blogger, although I'm also still on Farcebook.

    I am making special visits to those I knew & loved before. Farcebook is too shallow for me most times. Or, at least, it just doesn't consistently do it. I want depth. And there's no one more suitable to give me that and a case of VD than MJ.

    So I have little to offer. I have had a stroke. I'm from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

    I used to be a sportswriter, first for our national news service, then for my hometown newspaper.

    I was born in Edmonton, Alberta but was raised in Winnipeg. I have been to India and back by bus and to many countries in between.

    I have met and gone out for a drink with none other than MJ. She's actually quite a nice sort.

  23. Well.

    My name is Amanda (oh big shocker there) I'm a pastry chef in the making that's on hard times at the moment, currently living in Joshua Tree, California (40 or so miles from Palm Springs.) I'd always been a beach girl and have now converted into a desert rose? I am heavy on the perverted jokes, sarcasm and I enjoy trying to make people happy. My blog is rather dead but that's beside the point. I'm still a frequent hob-goblin of THIS spectacular blog and I read every comment with glee.

    I hope to continue to read for a long time.

  24. BITCHES: My personal secretary and I are reviewing your comments for future reference and thank you for your submissions.

    There's time all this week to have your say here if you haven't already left your comment.


    for now, my snark is stifled.

  26. savannah's the name and high livin's the game, sugar! now what would y'all like to drink? y blog is just me talking to all y'all over drinks, sometimes serious, sometimes now, the krewe makes appearances so does the MITM. i blog the way i talk...slow, low and sometimes, dangerous to know. xoxoxoxo

  27. Hi,
    I'm CoreyJo, or CJ, either works. I'm a 33 yr old married stay at home mom from SW Michigan, USA. Not a housewife, because I try not to do any house work. Could be because I'm a Sagitarius, we're known for procrastination. If you read my blog & comments on my blog, you'll get the general idea of who I am and what I'm about. If you're still confused just ask me. I'm an open book to anyone who cares enough to ask. (hense the long comment) (←Jon must be wearing off on me)

    My blog is a pornigraphic photo blog about Man, and my love of Man. Some times I gab on about stuff that no one other than me cares about. I've even been known to write about my life in great detail once in a while. I try to only give details of my Sailor Sam because the men don't care to hear about me. But that's okay, I'm proud of my "Smelly Swampy Ditch" as my friend calls it.

    I love my blog and all my followers. My blog and the friends I've made through blogging have been a God send to me. Helping me deal with some horrible events life has given me. And I love them all for being such great people.

  28. The best introduction I can give you is this little piece of explication: We are a witch. I say 'We are' because there are four of us in this one body. Although, technically, only two of us are proper witches: myself, Inexplicable DeVice, and my SubConscious. The other two are witches by proxy: The Host (who shall remain nameless due to the nature of his work) who supplies his body for interaction in the physical world, and his SubConscious - a stubborn and contrary piece of work if ever I shared a body with one. Together, we are a formidable foe with various collectable accessories (All sold seperately. Contents and colour may vary. Not suitable for children under the age of 3. No, 5. Actually, make that 8. Oh sod it, 16. And that's my final offer).

    We're based in Norwich (Norfolk, UK) but make occasional detours, both willingly and unwillingly, over The Cusp to annoying and frustrating worlds that really ought to be had up under some sort of copyright law.

    Despite my best intentions, Inexplicable DeVice (blog and witch), has careered out of control. What was supposed to be a look into the inner workings of a witch flung centuries forward in time to the 21st century, has debased into, amongst other fripperies: dubious cakery, procrastination, keeping an eye on the global whereabouts of The Freakin' Green Elf Shorts, Star Trek, excuses as to my (now regular) absences, and the voyeuristic stalking and ogling of Tim.

  29. Hello.
    My blog is called 63mago. Call me mago please, I do not like to be a number.
    I am based in Franconia, that is roughly northern Bavaria, Germany, Europe.
    My blog - started as an answer to Proxima: She made clear, that it is unfair to comment without giving the possibility to answer back the same way. I guess from this point onwards it just developed. My blog is of course about meself, but I think I'm not important (it always amazes me that people seem to be interested in the more personal posts), so I try to write about things that interests meself and hope that they attract other people's attention too. I met some very interesting humans this way and peeped into some very tense personal situations. BTW I think, as one writer put it, "the web is female, some men only are louder".
    I do not think that there's more to say about me.
    I came to The Infomaniac via OldK (R.I.P., lost to fackbook) and have to confess that this MJ brat really hooked me up. Eine unglaublich liebenswerte Person, ein guter Mensch. Und eine sehr attraktive Frau.