Saturday, August 06, 2011

Happy Birthday, Tazzy!

Happy Birthday to one of Infomaniac’s oldest Bitches (and I don’t mean his age.)

Yes, I’m talking about Tazzy (Martin) seen here smiling with satisfaction as he walks away from what appears to be a gloryhole…

(clicking makes the hole bigger!)

Although Tazzy no longer has a blog (he’s left us for the Facebook/Twitter side)…he lurks about here on Infomaniac, peeping through the keyhole.

Mistress MJ will be raising her glass in Tazzy’s direction this evening.

Cheers and loads of love, Tazzy!


  1. Mazel Tov and sloppy bj's to you Sir !!!

    **Raises wine glass... spilling some...**

    Hic !

  2. Happy Birthday Tazzy!

  3. What a hottie! Happy Birthday, Tazzy!

  4. Aww... thank you so much for the birthday wishes everyone xx

    Today obviously is the day after my birthday and I am sat here in my bright pink boxers nursing my head (make of that what you will... filthy cunts!)

    I had a great night last night... it's just today my head is banging like a toilet cubicle door!

    Sod it I'm off back to bed!

    Thanks again everyone xx

  5. *quietly slips in photo of Tazzy’s arse while he’s sleeping it off*