Monday, February 14, 2011

Pink Party

Are you ready to party, bitches?

Mistress MJ invites you to a PINK PARTY here at Infomaniac.

We asked you to submit PINK OBJECTS for the Infomaniac Pink Room and now it’s time to invite you in for a look around.

Attention Mago: As you can see from the photo above, we already have a pink worm so we won’t be needing yours

Who’s that pulling up to the curb? Oh, I see that all the party-goers have packed into Miss Scarlet’s pink Nissan Figaro…

Thanks to Mitzi, you’re greeted at the door by the High Priestess of Pink: Miss Barbara Cartland…

But what’s this? It seems that Dame Barbara isn’t the only Royal personage in the house. Inexplicable DeVice (IVD) invited Prince Harry…wearing pink underpants!...

A word of warning before we get this party started…

Miss Boxer has assumed the role of bouncer, should things get out of hand…

And remember…Miss Boxer is in charge of the VODKA FOUNTAIN.

Let’s turn on the lights for a good look around, shall we?

I’ll just flick the switch on this stunning light fixture submitted by new Infomaniac Bitch, Zenfancy

Welcome, Zenfancy! And thanks for the illumination.

Now that we can see, please note the lovely pink flocked wallpaper that Miss Janey spent all day hanging…

Have a seat, won’t you? Rocking chairs provided by Princess

And I stole THESE from The Hair Hall of Fame when Salon Manager Mr. Cookie wasn’t looking!...

So, what’s everybody wearing?

There’s Hayward sporting the stunning Darya-e Noor pink diamond…

I’ve always wondered where Hayward gets his money, haven’t you?

CyberPete has ditched his Crocs (as there is a No-Crocs policy in effect)…

(thanks, Princess)

Instead, CyberPete’s wearing these rather hideous pink pumps..

CyberPete is Infomaniac’s reigning High Maintenance Queen so expect a hissy fit from him at some point during this party.

Look who’s late to the party and couldn’t even be bothered to change out of her famous fluffy pink dressing gown…

It's Miss Roses!

Did you at least shave your legs, Miss Roses?

Expect to find Miss Roses passed out in the vodka fountain as the party progresses.

Sooner rather than later, I’d say.

Nibbles, anyone? Manda has provided a pink party platter…

If you’re still peckerish, er, peckish, XL is whipping up a CAKE in the MixMaster…

Thirsty? See Roxy by the pink Pepsi Machine…

We wonder what else Roxy's dispensing.

That Pepsi goes right through you, doesn’t it? Never fear. Random Chick has installed a pink urinal…

Games, anyone? Make balloon elephants with Damien!...

Wait up…that’s a rather unusual trunk, isn’t it?

Music? Crank it up, DJ Geoff

Who’s the wallflower? Oh, it’s Mr. Peenee!...

Says Mr. Peenee, “My pink wall. I carry it with me wherever I find myself. It's perfect for posing or for just propping yourself up when you've had too much of whatever it is you've had too much of.

Hot from dancing? Grab the pink swim caps provided by Designing Wally and go for a dip..

Or strip down to your pink package like Mr. Cookie!...

Yes, that really is Mr. Cookie.

Giving AyeM8y’s “Little Pirate” stiff competition as the Official Penis of Infomaniac. Perhaps it’s time to hold a contest!

Along comes Felix in Hollywood with his Cyberskin…

Was Mr. Cookie used as the mold for this item, by any chance?

As the party gains momentum, Miss Normadesmond has issued a public health warning to us…

(click to enlarge...the text, not the bumps)

And finally…

Thanks to Stacia, our dearly departed blogging friend Piggy is represented here today…


Says Stacia, “He has fabulous hooves and he sits in judgment of you.

Thanks for coming, bitches!

Party on!


  1. What about the others?

    What about spreading the love?

    Although there is plenty of Mistress MJ to go around.

    Now please fluff my pillows as I'm retiring to my boudoir while you bitches enjoy the party.

    See you in the morning!

  2. p.s. I recall that last year at this time, you went to each and every female blogger's blog and left exactly the same "Be my Valentine" message.

    And I see you're up to it AGAIN!

  3. Pink is so restful on the eyes! And that glorious Figaro holds us all yet can be easily tucked into a purse when not in use.

  4. A plethora of Pink....

    That Cookie really is Cool!

    *bows to the wenis*
    And it's not even Wednesday...

  5. what a glorious party! mj, you have outdone yourself! i can't imagine how long it took you to choreograph all this.

    i must take my hat off to mitzi for her brilliant idea of bringing barbara! now, wouldn't it a scandal if babs caught the warts i brought?

    this tanned freak, is he wearing
    a g-string for a well hung...woman?

  6. A marvelous representation of all that is pink! Well done, people - please allow me to buy a round of Pepto-Bismol for everyone!

  7. Can't believe you showed crocs! Nasty woman!

    I'll have you know that those pink pumps are part of HISTORY! They should not be disparaged by anyone. They are simply fabulous!

    PS. They clashed perfectly with TFGES - where are they by the way?

  8. it's kind of hard to properly pour while wearing gloves.


  9. It was all going so well until the mullet attack at the end :-(

  10. I want to sit on the rocking horse!!!
    And can somebody ask Pete to put his crocs back on cos his feet smell.

    ...Mr XL is such a heartbreaker... I've only just recovered from last year.

  11. *sobs*

    XL is a cad. I can't believe he did that to me. He said I was the only one.

    And yes, I did shave my legs. It's called the pink, fluffy dressing gown for a reason.

  12. if kabuki comes you must promise not to let cookie stir the punch. can't you just imagine the ruckus that would ensue. bitches beware!

  13. PS. If their tackle can fit into those tiny pink pouches, the two at the end might as well wash the fake tan off and put their clothes on.

    For the last time, size really does matter.

  14. BITCHES: Thankfully I’ve arrived before Cookie and his stir stick.

    As kabuki mentioned, keep him out of the punch bowl.

    It’s time for Mistress MJ to make the rounds of your blogs!

    Carry on.

  15. A positively posh pink party, however pernicious...
    What's with the pansy poser in the pink pouch portending no pendulous possession to be proffered?

    pish posh

  16. Ha HA! I beat you all to the punch bowl. Unfortunatly in my condition, eh, hem, I would have to do a handstand to stir the pink punch.

    Congrats MJ - Your pink party is perfect, though I noticed that no one brought "pinking" shears!

  17. *glares at Miss Scarlet, notices her lips and smiles diabolically*

  18. Hey!!! That White Kitty was at my blog asking ME to be his Valentine.

  19. *Smacks Pete round the head with a spare sausage lip*

  20. Oh what a party! What a party indeed.

    What is the flavor of the pink punch, to be precise?

    I enjoyed this party, although I loathe pink with much gusto!

  21. Ladies and gentlemen, hush please! Barbara wants to say a few words

  22. damn, had my overdose of pink stuff now, will have to go to rehab now...

  23. I want the pink swim cap and Miss Barbara Cartland's outfit! It's fab!!!

    Who wants more pink punch??? Remember, to use the Urnal not the pink carpet!

    Happy Pink Day!!!!
    *takes a swig of the pink punch and falls on the floor*

  24. Pink, perfection. Who wants to invite Peenee and his wall to their next party?

  25. I hope nobody told Pinkie from Brighton Rock about this.

  26. Be my Ballantyne Baby ...

  27. Is the last guy wearing Mormon underwear?

  28. I thought I recognised 'Petra's pumps!

    * schemes and plots to remove Random Chick of that divine swim hat *

  29. I found a dressing gown ...

  30. BITCHES: Good to see you’re getting on fine without me.

    I’m in the kitchen frosting the CAKE.

    As is customary here on Infomaniac, we always extend a welcome to new visitors and that’s what I shall do now before I whip back into the kitchen.

    EROTIXX aka RINCEWIND: Welcome to Infomaniac!

    I see you’re a Swede living in London.

    Ah, Sweden…home of Absolut Vodka.

    We only have one other Scandanavian here and that’s CyberPete from Denmark.

    He’s VERY high maintenance, let me caution you.

    Come again!

  31. @ EROTIXX: It is traditional for newbies to ask The Mistress for a cake.

  32. And to publish a pic ...

  33. XL you are so mean!

    Oh, I am VERY high maintenance! Expect a hissyfit any moment MJ, for not adding my other items and including those abominations WITH MY NAME ON THEM!


  34. *looks up from pink carpet*

    Why has Mago got on my dressing gown?

    Cyberpete, be a love, get me another cup of pink punch, it's cold lying here in my pyjamas.

  35. love the ass in the last photo. Damn.