Sunday, February 13, 2011

Gone Skatin’…


…on the world’s largest skating rink...

7.8-kilometres long (that’s almost 5 miles for you Americans)
(Click to enlarge photo)

Mistress MJ can often be found here when not busy running the Infomaniac Empire.

If you want to see more of the ice rink and more scenes of my town, watch this recently filmed video (teehee) and pump up the volume…

Don’t be afraid of the Canada cold
The warm citizens from the North are gold
There is so much to see in this big country
And Ottawa is the name of the capital city

If you come to Canada you must skate on ice
But try it on the Rideau Canal 1st class super nice
It’s the largest skating place in the world you see
Where people skate to work and play the Hockey

If you watched the video, no doubt you foreigners will have questions about Beavertails. Save your questions for another time when Mistress MJ will be posting all about it.

See you on Monday for the Pink Party!


  1. First!

    Enjoy sliding across ice.

    Mind you, I'd rather have ice sliding into a glass, then drowned by alcohol.

  2. I went to a hockey game last night. Our Canadians beat their Canadians!

  3. I do hope that you are travelling by curling broom...

    Make sure you keep your rocks warmed...

    Oh hai Roses... Xl...

  4. Go-go boot ice skates bring back fond memories for me, since I had a pair just like that.

    Actually, I never tried skating in them, but I still wore them a lot during other activities.

  5. have fun, sugar! for me, ice belongs in a glass! ;~D xoxoxo

  6. Thanky to Wilbur I have an idea about Canada now. I like Wilbur: he explains the world.

    And disco stomps back? Oh ...

  7. "Thanky" - Heavens: "Thanks" of course.

  8. *waves to da Bitches*


    I vote we celebrate by putting loads of ice in these glasses and covering them with vodka.

    Who's with me?

  9. I'm with you Miss Roses!

    Oh, and friendly advice to the people who haven't watched the video yet. There's a very useful mute button.

  10. I am sure she's around that snack-stand ...

  11. I lived in Ottawa for many years[14] but never once skated on The canal. Imagine! I was blown away to read you're from Ottawa...I thought you were from the Prairies for some reason.

    I bet we've both met and not known it, waiting outside the Rideau Centre for a bus on the days our car engines were frozen!

  12. Kilometers? What kind of crazy sorcery is THAT?