Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Happy Birthday, CyberPete!

Happy birthday to our Kylie-loving Danish poofter, CyberPete

You know him as the “Win a New Boyfriend!” winner and as Infomaniac’s “High Maintenance Queen”.

He is also the only Dane to have won The Freakin’ Green Elf Shorts.

And he’s the only person (to the best of our knowledge) to bleed glitter into a panty liner…

Join us in wishing CyberPete a very happy *cough* 29th *cough* birthday.

You may peruse his birthday ‘Wish List’ here.


  1. Mazel Tov CP :)

    ***places single chaste kiss on each of CP's buns as is proper***

  2. Pete's buns = Danish pastry?

  3. Third! I'm third.


    Just been over to wish Pete a pink and sparkly birthday. As if he'd have any other sort.

  4. Damien: awwww thank you! That is the proper Danish greeting you know.

    XL: is that the lead singer of Dead Or Alive?

    Roses: Yay thanks! With your help it'll be just that. Pink and sparkly. That reminds me...

    I don't own a bottle of Pink Sparkles by Kylie Minogue..

    MJ: as for you...? Thanks for the shout out! Love you to bits (read that again, I'm not loving your bits..)

  5. You love my tits, did you say?

  6. Tits are funny things. I'm sure yours are delightful

  7. Happy Birthday, Cybil-Pete! Have a good one!

  8. Thank you Miss Scarlet.

    I was going to offer you cake, but you know what that's like over here at MJs.

  9. Ah, the 29th, every year again ... Happy Birthday you old Viking!

  10. MJ: Yes, do you want a slice?

    Mago: Yes 29th every year. It's just like the 90th birthday movie they show on TV here on New Years.

    Although, I'm not old. Hrrrrmpf!

  11. Happy Birthday CP! I offer a champagne toast and to hold you down for spankings.

    Enjoy your day!

  12. Hayward: With all that, it can't be anything other than enjoyable!

    Thanks, and please come again.

    MJ: Oh yes!

  13. Happy birthday Pete. 29 again? BTW I have some green shorts that I'll give you...they started out white but...

  14. MDP: Thank you!

    Send them on over! Although I'd rather have one of your glorious au naturel photos (or the real thing).

  15. It's just a figure of speech, you Nordish God! :)

  16. Hahaha thanks!

    I'm not insecure about my age, no not at all.. Nope, I don't have a problem getting older, no no.

    Not at all.

  17. 29? sweet mary sunshine, sugar! i thought it's was your 25th! happy birthday, petey-pet!!! xoxoxoxox

  18. Savannah dear! I can always count on you!

    Of course it's only my 25th. I don't know where those ugly and false rumours come from.

  19. Cyber Pete, if you are out there, then I send you birthday wishes and caviar dreams. May the coming year bless you and yours with good fortune and good health. I also hope that you have the most fantastic, guilt free sex with the person of your dreams.



  20. You certainly are my kind of Cookie! Thanks ever so much.

    Can't wait to have guilt free sex with David Boreanaz (everyone else have, apparently), George Clooney and the obvious Mr. Beckham.

    Afterwards we'll have Caviar and Dom Perignon.

    Hugs, Pete

  21. Happy Birthday, CP!

    Cheers and Best wishes for many more years of good friends, good times, and good laughter!

  22. I said it, MJ.

    CAKE !!! know what to do !

  23. PS: Pete, I forgot to explicitly say Happy Birthday to you! I don't even remember 29 myself!

  24. Oh, happiest of birthdays, 'Petra!

    Mind that cake on the end - Looks like someone's sat in it...

  25. Bingowings: Thank you very much. I think I'm all covered now, guilt free sex AND friend and laughter. I love it!

    Heff: Oh no! Now, please take responsibility for your actions mister.

    XL: Oh hai! Thank you, but I don't know where all this 29 business comes from. See comment to Savannah.

    MJ: EW! Did you have to?

    IDV: Thank you darling! I couldn't actually see the cake. So I swung by the puddings and I can't stop laughing.

  26. happy birthday Cyber Pete......!

  27. Thank you Manuel.

    Can I count on you to to serve me Champagne and caviar wearing nothing but your hairy arse?

    Don't look at me like that, MJ wanted to know.

  28. I said no such thing.

    And you are not allowed to touch the waiter's arse.

    Manuel has instilled this rule of restaurant etiquette into me.

  29. What's the idea of eating out then?

  30. Right. Moving right along...

    It's Thursday in Denmark and no longer your birthday.

    Mistress MJ is busy with party planning.

    An explanation post will follow asap.

  31. In honor of Cyber Pete's birthday I'm going out to get spanked!


  32. Make sure you're back for Thursday's disco party, Michael.

  33. Get a few slaps on the arse for me Michael!

    Have a good one.

    MJ: you never explained why one should eat out then.

    It's so depressing to notice that people stop paying attention. Can't we extend my birthday for one more day? Just one please?

  34. For restaurant industry questions you'll have to ask Manuel.

    Now to bed with you as Mistress MJ is busy struggling with a giant disco ball.

  35. I noticed. Need help? That's the least I can do when you are throwing me a post birthday party.

  36. YAY! Enjoy your own personal "official" New Year.
    Life is a garden...DIG IT!