Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Party Plans

Mistress MJ is too busy to respond to your ceaseless nattering this evening as she is making plans for Thursday’s disco party at the new Infomaniac headquarters…


Come back sometime on Thursday with your platforms and polyester.


  1. ...and our shirts unbuttoned to an uncomfortable level...

  2. Aww you throwing me a post birthday party?

    You are such a doll. LOVE you MJ!

    Ps. The Moët is hitting the spot so I LOVE Cookie too. You want to have guilt free sex later?

  3. May I remind you that Infomaniac is neither a dating service nor a pickup joint.

    Now if you'll excuse me I'm out of here for the rest of the evening.

    Please try to maintain some sense of decorum.

  4. That's rich coming from you MJ. If you are lucky you might be allowed to watch

  5. i was told that a guest's testicle had been mirrored for the event.

  6. Aaarrrgghh.

    I need to do emergency shopping, I haven't got a thing to wear.

    *grabs purse and runs off*

  7. Dear CyberPete,

    I am in receipt of your kind invitation for mutual sexual gratification. I am pleasantly surprised that you have thought of me. To be considered when we hardly know one and other is a honor that I soon will not forget.

    But it is with great, and heavy heart, that I must decline your gracious hand(s). I am married to the most wonderful of men, and as such, I hold sacred that bond.

    However, in the event that true love grows cold, and the heart is silenced by that which we know as neglect, with the passing of years I would be available for a hook up.

    Until such time as our paths should cross in Cupid's garden again, I remain,


  8. Awww Cookie, I'm so happy for you!

    Hope you'll be happy with him forever and ever. He's a lucky man.

    Keep me in mind if things don't work out though.