Thursday, January 21, 2010

Money Maker Inspection

It has come to Mistress MJ’s attention that some of you are withholding funds.

If you are serious about receiving your weekly Filthy Friday post, you will pay up NOW!

See yesterday's post if confused.


  1. Yay!
    I already chipped in my two cents. Nice to see that you kept your childhood friends for all these years.

  2. OK, OK...I wouldn't want folk to think I was holding back on funs...

    Lorenna Bobbit started dating again, but, sure enough, during a date had some argument with her new boyfriend, and out come the scissors and WHACK! cuts the guy's dick off, and throws it out the car window!
    It flies through the air and hits the windshield of two lil ol' ladies....
    One turns to the other and says, "Marge? Did you see the size of the pecker on that bug?"

    You know, I heard she has a sister. Molena Bobbit.
    Molena tried to gain the same fame with her boyfriend, but he was too fast for her and dodged the scissors, ran away...
    The police showed up and arrested her. Cited her for a missed'd'wiener.

    whats that? oh...funDs.
    Missed that one.
    would a song and a dance do?

  3. So what's up with all this?

    Someone stole your buttplug?

  4. Does that slot take Aussie money? I've got some leftover bills and coins.

    Oh Hai Mago, Pete!

  5. I have 20 english pence for you , which is worth a fortune in Canadian Lira , you wil be able to fund hot and cold running houseboys for a year on that

  6. Oh hai XL!

    I think I have some US cents or pennies or quarters or nickles or dimes or whatever they are called. I'd be willing to donate a few. Should I just shove it up there?

  7. I think some of your readers are looking forward to getting roughed up!

    In fact, I suspect some of them pay to get roughed up!

  8. Her buttplug? Next is projectile farting ... *shudders*

  9. I made my deposit yesterday. I'm sorry it wasn't big enough.

    I'm sure you hear that a lot.

    Oh hai xl, cyberpete, eroswings and mago.

  10. I tried to make a deposit yesterday but it wouldn't fit.

  11. uh, i made a donation locally. does that count? xoxoxo

  12. I just love helping the poor.
    The owner of that pooor Arse does not appear to own a wallet so I'm shooting over a blank cheque So that one may be purchased on its behalf.
    Princess is always happy to help those in need!
    Luv Princess XXX

  13. Ms Scarlet, I think you'll find it'll fit me, perfectly.

    Thank you.

  14. Just don't spill anything on it - I don't want the dye running.

  15. I'll pay anything to see dolls acting out dirty business.