Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Fan Mail Update

Mistress MJ continues to receive special deliveries.

Regular service on Infomaniac will resume on Friday.

In the meantime, we thank you for your patronage.


  1. I'm in a huff so I'm not saying anything.

  2. You could try saying "Harumph" that will make you feel much better

  3. What? Only two bitches in here?? What's going on?!? Where is everybody?!

  4. "Harumph!"

    Thank you Beast, you were right.

  5. Do you use self-adhesive stamps or pasties?

  6. I've got a package for ya, MJ...

  7. Susan knows where you live, MJ.

    She does.

  8. This fella doesn't have his pencil in his pocket. It's in his hat.

    Maybe he too can spot a tranny when sees one.

  9. My guess is that MJ has flown to Virginia to discuss world domination with Kabuki Zero.

  10. Busy? I just bet you are.
    Looks like you two are plotting your husband's demise there to me.

    What will you do with the insurance money?

  11. someone's gettin' fancy flounder fan mail!

  12. One can only assume that you are taking deliveries in the rear. again. that is how i picture you. kabuki zero

  13. Someone's getting a special delivery!

  14. I go away for a glamorous New Years to find Stevie Nicks Kabuki fan mail?

    What the Hell?

    Kabuki Zero has a nice ass.

    Stevie Nicks will kill you.

    Kill you with twirling black gauzy skirts and shards of Tiffany stained glass.

    Fan Mail?

    Dear Mistress,

    I have worshipped your lofty highness from a low vantage point. Which reminds me,

    Mistress was high up in a tree one day when a little boy looked up and said,

    “From where I stand I can see your panties.”

    And Mistress laughed and laughed because she knew she didn’t have on any panties.

  15. Dear Mistress,

    *Princess enters in Full mourning attire*

    Are you sure that he is really the Postman?

    *dabbing tears from corners of eyes
    with black lace handkerchief*

    You did hear Two Rings I hope!

    Luv Princess XXx

    *turns and leaves room weeping with grief*

  16. The baggage is off plotting the vilest filthy friday yet I shouldnt wonder

  17. Huh?
    This is my "water-cooler" site from which I can accurately gauge the buzz of my contemporaries who like me are living in an age that not only celebrates decadence and exascerbates the erosion of any strong concern for posterity whilst fanning the flames of acceptance that we truly are living in an age of diminishing expectations and marginal returns...

    so you can't just bugger off whenever you feel like it.

  18. BITCHES: Would you buncha piss midgets kindly pipe down whilst I'm reading my fan mail?

  19. Susan doesn't like your tone, MJ.

    No, she doesn't.

    Can you hear her? Those footsteps in the darkness? The sussurant whisper of her moustache like bat wings? That is the sound of Fate approaching, MJ.

    *'I Dreamed a Dream'* rises eerily in the background'*

  20. Does anyone know what Donn said? I can never understand him but he's funny.

    Where's the piss midget? Is he naked? I don't see one...

  21. "piss midgets"

    Clue about Filthy Friday?

  22. Is it the real Susan or 'Susan' aka Frobisher
    ***clutches security blanky to chest in horror***

  23. Piss Midget:

    "an 'innovative' term used by Bernard Black in the UK television series 'Black Books'.
    Commonly assumed to mean a person of little worth.
    'of this, and many other things I am an innovator, which is why i feel free to address you only as..........piss midget'"

    Ref:Piss Midget

  24. I think Donnn saied that he is curious and wants to be entertained.
    I may be wrong.

  25. "Random Chick said:
    Does anyone know what Donn said? I can never understand him but he's funny."

    Do you usually laugh at jokes you don't understand? Or do you have a huge crush on him?

  26. We're not laughing with Donn, we're laughing at Donn.

  27. Aaaah. Now I understand, lol.

  28. so, tomorrow, eh? *snickering while pretending to be canadian* xooxox

  29. I manage to have a huge crush on Donn and laugh at him - isn't that what he's for?

  30. Everyone wants a piece of Donn.