Sunday, January 31, 2010

Happy Birthday, Ayem8y!

You might not recognize his face …

But surely you recognize his beautiful backside! …

And perhaps some of his other bits …

Yes, it’s Ayem8y’s birthday (aka Mean Dirty Pirate)!

Today he’s turning tricks celebrating his birthday at Disney World in Florida.

Oh, and if you aren’t already familiar with this Infomaniac bitch, let his own words fill you in …

“Hello my name is ayem8y aka Mean Dirty Pirate. I’m an Aquarius, I like trannies and collecting dildos and leather fetish whips. I’m a zookeeper that conducts safaris in the deepest reaches of the Dark Continent. But in my spare time I enjoy rolling around and licking trash at truck stops. (Really) I’m 45, single, salt-n-pepper, blue eyes, 42” chest, 32” waist, tan, with a thick 8” penis that needs lots of attention but what I really like is taking strange men into my anus. Sometimes single and yes I have had long term relationships. I’m looking for Mr. Right and sometimes Mr. Right Now!”

Oh, and Ayem8y is pronounced EYE-mate-ee … like the pirates say. Geddit? Mean Dirty Pirate…Ayem8y?

Update: Just checked Ayem8y’s blog and he reports, “I am horny.”


  1. Happy Birthday, sailor.


  2. Happy Birthday to him! Love his blog. I've never seen photos of him like this. I love him even more now! NICE!

  3. I'm sure he's getting his birthday spankings as I write this.

  4. Not the first sailor to steal kabuki's heart. their tattoos are always just a little salty. good birthday to you, my pirate.

  5. Happy birthday dear. Still love that arse.

    And MJ? I don't want to know about you being horny. It's very disturbing.

  6. Happy Birthday Mean Dirty Pirate!

    I think we ought to break out the champagne.

    Cyberpete, would you be a love and open this?

    Oh hai XL.

  7. Happy birthday Ayem8y!

    Mind that cork doesn't pop into my eye, 'Petra. It's only just healed from the gouging by MJ's exclamation marks.

  8. Happy Birthday Captain Pugwash!

    Hi Roses ,Pete, Xl, Mr Device.

    Just pour me a glass dhaaarlings,
    I've had a very hard day last night

    Mr Device, you can play pirates now with that new eye patch

  9. All the best Pirate! You are in remarkable shape for over eighty - what's your secret?

  10. I must admit, it took La Diva a few minutes to figure out the Aye Matey moniker the first time she saw it!

    Happy Birthday Sailor boy, may the wind always be in your sails and may your bow thruster always be maneuvered by a large, handsome coxwain!

  11. *pops cork*

    oooopsie it looks like it spilled all over

  12. Wow...

    all I can do is admire from afar...

    Happy birthday, Ayem8y!!!

  13. One wonders, in Disney World, if ayem8y leaves the mouse ears on? Or is that when he's just fucking goofy?

  14. BITCHES: *notes that Ayem8y spent last night at The Parliament House aka The Gayest Place on Earth*

    *also notes that last night was “Black Light Night”and that Ayem8y is probably still playing with his free “glowstick”.

  15. BITCHES: Update: Ayem8y’s been riding the monorail.

    Which we’re certain is a euphemism.

  16. I guess that not even his "nekkid alluring arse" could tempt that "Bitch" Mickey. Leaving him to Fly with "Hand Solo"


    Miss MJdo excuse my absense I have been 'trimming my sails' which I can assure you IS a euphemism , but I am not at liberty to tell you for what

  18. Happy birthday spanking to AYEM8! Quite the handsome devil...

  19. Happy Birthday to you and your perfect ass.


  20. Happy Birthday, AyeM8y!!!


    Cheers and best wishes for another year full of good times, good company, and good friends.


  21. Hey, everybody! Eroswings brought cake!

    *ignores Beast’s sail-trimming*

    *pours bubbly for everyone else*

  22. Oh thank Christ I made it under the wire. It's not midnight yet. Happy, Happy Birthday oh, Sexy of the Sea.

  23. Thanks for clearing that up, MJ. I was always under the impression that it was pronounced, "I'm Eighty."

    sidestepped that landmine.

    oh wait. no i didn't.

  24. Thank you to all of the Infomaniac Bitches for wishing me a Happy Birthday, especially Mistress.