Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Detachable Naughty Bits

I shall be out of town today with a group of “the girls” so expect nothing from me ‘til Wednesday.

Since I’ll be in the company of gay men, I suppose I can leave my detachable vagina at home…

Wouldn't it be great if our pussies were detachable?

What would you do with yours?

And fellas…what would you do with a detachable penis?


  1. "what would you do with a detachable penis?"


  2. third!

    **stares at computer***

    **still staring***

  3. Sadly, most men aren't overtly concerned with having a living-breathing being attached to their wenis receptacle.

    The ratio between improvisational early release programs and actual participation in the act of frightfulness is probably 10 to 1 anyway.

    That would be a cautious estimate.

  4. damnmit! 5th, but really 4th because xl posted twice when he really should have posted only once...so, 4th place for me...which is really not all that grand, but still a contender.
    bles mah heart! xoxox

  5. note to self: this is the only safe plae to drunk comment! :D

    hey! donn is FREE! power to the people!!!!

  6. So that would make me 6th, right???

    I've done worse in a horse show... and laughed about it!

    But then, I have been first on here plenty of times, so I am happy to share! :-)

    Drunk! Savannah! Not you! tee hee!

    I am not drunk, as I am working tomorrow, and actually have not been 'really' drunk in years. But I have learned how to act like I am having drunken fun anyway! It's cheaper that way, and no hangover.

    Okay... so detachable bits... are those not known as 'strap-ons'?

    As far as I know, my vagina is firmly attached. Although I may have just misplaced the allen key...

  7. If I had a detachable vagina .....

  8. My pussy would probably go out without me and earn a decent living.

  9. actually a good question....what would i do...i would leave that shit in a freakin box until i really needed it...i would be the one calling someone to go get it for me because i forgot it!

  10. I would use it as my avatar.

  11. I didn't get it. Most women get a detachable pussy when they turn 30, others get one when their weight is the same than a car, and others are already born with one...

    Men just seem them on the streets and find them all pussyless...

    And if you are thinking that I'm being cruel just remember that gay men are just the same... we turn dickless and bottomless for the same reasons.

  12. What would I do with a detachable penis?

    Rent it out in a fish market?

  13. Wanda Sykes is a VILE lesbian.

  14. Wouldn't you like to know bitch

  15. I have never seen a vagina...

  16. If I had a detatcable penis...

    I'd lend it to all those "bicurious" men...so I could have a nice cup of tea while they're exploring their sexuality.

    I'd just ask them to be careful about teethmarks.

  17. throw it at people.......seriously......

  18. BITCHES: *throws Manuel's detachable penis at all of you...along with my flaming uterus*