Monday, March 13, 2017

Texas Hold'em

$100 fine for jerking off.


A Texas state lawmaker introduced Bill 4260 that would fine men who masturbated for committing “an act against an unborn child.”

The Man’s Right to Know Act would set a $100 fine for ‘emissions outside a woman’s vagina’ and require unnecessary medical tests. The bill would require men to wait 24 hours after an “initial health care consultation” to receive an elective vasectomy, colonoscopy or Viagra prescription.

Jessica Farrar, a Democratic representative from Houston, Texas filed the satirical bill to regulate “masturbatory emissions” as a riposte to a slew of anti-abortion measures advocated by the state’s Republican politicians.

Farrar said, “Although HB 4260 is satirical, there is nothing funny about current healthcare restrictions for women and the very real legislation that is proposed every legislative session. Women are not laughing at state-imposed regulations and obstacles that interfere with their ability to legally access safe healthcare, and subject them to fake science and medically unnecessary procedures. Texans deserve to be treated with the same amount of respect when making healthcare decisions, regardless of their gender.”

She goes on to say, “What I would like to see is this make people stop and think. Maybe my colleagues aren’t capable of that, but the people who voted for them, or the people that didn’t vote at all, I hope that it changes their mind and helps them to decide what the priorities are.”

More details here.

Thanks to Infomaniac Bitch Jon in London, England for the news alert.


  1. Does this bill provide for Death Panels like Obamacare? I'm asking for "a friend."

  2. For a moment ...

    Yes, there is a nice inner logic.
    Highlighting the problem of "the state" and "the body", where starts the in-dividual.
    "Stop & think" - ach, herrjeh ...

    Sorry, too knackered for any further thought, led alone wank.

  3. The national debt would be paid off in a week.

  4. I can always be relied upon to find a masturbation-related article of interest... Jx

  5. Sperm Bank stocks must be rising!

  6. Figures it would be Texas. " a fine would be given to men who masturbated who committed a act against an unborn child?" I'd be so screwed.