Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Cocksucking Smackdown!

A winner MUST be selected TODAY, Bitches!

Princess and Cookie are tied for first place in our Blowjob Contest.

But only ONE Infomaniac Bitch can win the “I’m Savin’ Up For a Blow Job!” tin bank.

Review their entries once again, carefully ponder your decision, and vote for the most appealing answer.

I've been saving up for a blow job for the past 10 years by putting the money I get for giving them into a glass jar. So far I have a grand total of $1.75. I could do with that tin to hide my shameful embarrassment.
- Princess

I just don't want this...I covet it! Why? Because I need one thing in my house that will shock potential buyers when they go through it after we list the house. And if I can figure out how to train a camera on it, I will record their facial reactions. That's why I want it. Then I will pass it on to the next deserving person..
- Cookie

Let the smackdown begin!


  1. And it is with great displeasure that I am forced to vote to these two upstarts, so kabuki votes for himself AGAIN. Yes, kabuki has launched a vicious write-in campaign. (i love politics)

  2. Isn't sharing what Infomaniac is all about?

  3. I vote we give it to Mr Lax to stop him asking if he's won yet.

  4. *reviews responses, smacks forehead and returns to boudoir*

  5. I vote for Princess. Years of holding dress makers pins between her lips has toned up and strengthened the muscles surrounding her award winning mouth. On request she'll even remove her dentures for extra depth, thus draining his pods of men's spendings in a jiffy.

  6. Dear Mistress, I don't think you should count on the bitches' cooperation. So whu don't you just put all the names in the spit jar and pick up the winner!

    Have a nice day, ma chère!

  7. As a good competitor, I must vote for Princess. Its the honorable thing to do. I may be a cocksucker, but I am always a gentleman, first.

  8. I Vote for Princess, get the man a blow job already!!

  9. Such a Gentleman you are Cookie how gallant of you. Miss Mitzi is quite correct!... My lips are positively aching from clamping down on handful's of little pricks all day long. obviously word get around about my little trick with my dentures?....
    Next thing I'll have is CoreyJo begging me to leave them to her in my will....

    Hasn't Mr Lax won yet?

    1. Ooooo!! What a marvelous idea Princess!! Since I didn't win the cocksucking bank I'll need to rely on others charity..

  10. Princess - this is your 15 minutes!

  11. A vote for Princess: the hardest working man in show business!

  12. if the prized pushke is delivered by fedex,
    shouldn't princess sign for it?

  13. with camera readied to immortalize the moment?