Friday, November 13, 2009

Filthy Friday - Think Pink Edition


  1. SECOND...twice in a row! Woot.

  2. Now, what were we talking about? Pink pee pees?

  3. The moobs spoil the effect!

  4. he just looks so damn proud, sugar, it's scary! xoxoxoxo

  5. Not that I've seen a whole lot of them, but old man wee wees scare me

  6. He is doing his part for breast cancer awareness!

    Ladies (and gentlemen), line up for your breast exam!

  7. I hope the museum guards caught him and lcked him up somewhere far, far away never to be seen again

  8. He looks like he's in a stately home... is he frolicking around in Buck House?

  9. For some strange reason, I like the colour of that pink shirt so much that I can ignore everything else.
    Please take note for next Friday.

  10. Get away from it all, spend your holiday's at Cedric's B&B guesthouse "Done Trolling" situated in Blackpool, Lancashire. It's a proper home from home. Rooms start from £20 a night, use of cedric's cruet extra!

  11. He does have a swanky interior though. I know Filthy Friday is not a dating service but does he have a telephone number?

  12. BITCHES: Mistress MJ has lost track of time as she was reading as many of your blogs as possible this morning.

    It’s off to work now but I hope I’m leaving you feeling “in the pink”!

  13. no pink underwear? He blew it.

  14. At least this isn't as filthy and objectionable as the Celine post.

    * shudders *

  15. Thank Christ all is back to normal here and that alien creature and her spawn are out of my line of vision! tee hee!

    This gent is surely "in the pink!" But could the redness be due to overly-dry balls? Winter heating does dry out your skin!

    "Would someone PLEASE cream this gentleman's flamingo pink balls?"

  16. Well if it isn't Lord Dingleberry.
    ..hasn't changed a bit.

    His face was always pinkish after his first dozen cocktails and he was unable to resist trolling about the estate with his john thomas oot & aboot!
    Frankly I don't know why he persisted because the help just ignored the silly old twat anyway.

    I noticed that the stingy old bugger has yet to let Lady Dingleberry changez les décor.
    I should think that the place hasn't changed since the 1850's?

    It's all inherited you know..
    he's never spent a dime of the principal...
    loves to tell everyone that he is exquisitely parsimonious...
    cheap bastard.

  17. Yes its foreskin down to there
    In ye olde pied a terre.
    Old, grey of hair
    In Mormon underwear
    His name is Pierre
    and he likes you, mon chere.

  18. BITCHES: You buncha kooks.