Sunday, February 08, 2009

Three Wishes


  1. second!

    My next two wishes are for world peace and a glazed donut. Not necessarily in that order.

  2. I wish SP would let us have a houseboy; and

    I wish I could remember not to visit Infomaniac on a Friday whilst I'm eating breakfast.

  3. Could I please get a winning lottery ticket so I can keep my horse? *sniffs loudly and wipes eyes with sleeve*

    And a man... a nice man...

    I think I need a fairy godmother...

  4. I wish I won $10,000,000 so I didn't have to worry about money ever again.

    It would also make project peteusa2009 a lot easier.

    Oh and I wish could eat anything I want and lose weight and one I hit my ideal weight never gain weight ever again

  5. I wish I knew what to wish for.

  6. 1: That my left foot wasn't so cold.
    2: That my right foot wasn't so cold.

  7. I wish I had a nanny (not for me, for the kid and the husband).

    I wish for a personal chef.

    In other words, I wish for a substitute me. There, that's only one wish!

  8. i wish i could be first again, sugar! ;) xoxox

  9. i wish i wasnt 10th.................:(

  10. LEAH: Say it with conviction.

    PEEVISH: Come to Canada.

    Glazed donuts are a dime a dozen.

    IVD: I wish SP would let us have a houseboy

    Let’s back this train up, shall we?

    You’re moving in with a man who will not “let” you have houseboys?

    I’m sensing issues and the ring isn’t even on the finger.

    We need to talk, girleen.

    PONITA: Speaking of fairies, CyberPoof just arrived after you.

    Your wish is granted.

    CYBERPOOF: That’s 3 wishes. The instructions clearly said two…

    “Here I am! What are your other two wishes?”

    SCARLET: Wish that Beastie will come back to us soon.

    Smelling fresher, of course.

    KAZ: Would you like Mago to sit on your face, er, I mean feet?

    LEAH: You need Houseboys.

    I’ll train your inept husband if you send me the plane fare.

    SAVANNAH: Slip me a twenty and I’ll see what I can do for you.

    TONY: See advice to Savannah but double it and add postage and handling fees.

  11. Clearly that's only two wishes but oh well I suppose I could live with just getting my money wish fullfilled.

    Happy fucking Sunday. I'm cleaning today

  12. CYBERPOOF: Oh, so it is.

    But you must understand I don't read Danish.

  13. I wish Mr Beastie would come back, even if he has a stinky duvet.

  14. SCARLET: *sniffs air*

    Beast may be away but his odour lingers on.

  15. I'd like a foot job and a Guinness.

  16. a chocolate cake and ...

    an infinite supply of wishes

  17. Mistress, the Three Wishes haiku is broken! Suggested repairs:

    Here I am! (Beastie!)
    (Stinky duvet,) What are your
    Other 2 wishes?

  18. pain free hair waxing for the larger bottomed man and a ticket for morrissey in may........

    cant wait to look under my pillow in the morning.....

  19. My 3 wishes are up on my blog......

  20. That you turn into my dream man, and I turn into yours. Ha!

  21. MAXI: Plenty of Guinness ‘round here but there’s a waiting list for the podiatrist.

    LULU: Did someone mention cake?

    XL: I think you’re turning Japanese.

    I really think so.

    MANUEL: Don’t you dare let an Epilady near your sugarloaf.

    BOXER: I am addicted to your videos!

    You've turned my frown upside down.

    KAPI: Perhaps in our next lifetime?

  22. MR.MORNINGWOOD: You want 2 Monicas and 3 Belluccis?

    You're insatiable, sir!

  23. Seriously?
    Health. And enough money to enjoy it, to throw it out with full hands.

  24. I wish for 28 more wishes.

  25. MAGO: Your hands will be too full doing my housework to have time to throw anything around.

    PIGGY: Do I look like a genie?