Monday, May 29, 2006

Totty Week

The request lines are open

Hey everybody! It’s Totty Week on Infomaniac!

The request lines are open. Got a favourite prime piece of totty? Want to see their photo posted here? Leave a comment and I’ll fill your requests all this week in the order they come in.

Translation for Canadians and Americans: "Totty" is a British slang term for a sexually attractive man or woman, i.e. “eye candy” or “hottie.”

I’ve already filled Frobisher’s request with Ben Cohen pics and Lippy’s request for a photo of Jeremy Guscott. Requests can be for any public figure or celebrity.

Over to the rest of you now.


  1. Portrait of a Lady12:58 AM, May 29, 2006

    Wow... well the ones you post here of Johny Depp are really smooth! Anyway... I'd love to see some sexy pictures of Adrian Brody. Thanks!!!

  2. Catherine Keener for me, please. Because I'm really Keen-on-er.

    Heh. Heheheh.

    I kill myself, I really do.

  3. what about some long haired guy?

  4. Ooh, either Richard E. Grant (the man with the most beautiful eyes in the world) or Emmanuel Petit (preferably naked, awaiting a massage in the French dressing rooms at the 1998 World Cup).

    It's a pity Surly Girl isn't around to ask for Bernard Bresslaw.

  5. Can we have more than one?

    Marisa Tomei In the Bedroom
    Irene Jacob in anything
    Uma Thurman killing Bill
    Kelly Rowland with long black hair

  6. i fancy Bilbo Baggins. Can we pleeeeeeease have a pic of him? with his feet exposed?

  7. Brace yourselves:-
    LL Cool J
    Richard Bacon
    Anthony from last years BB
    Party Boy & Stevie O from the Jackass crew
    Ashton from
    Princess Stephanie of Monaco

  8. I've already had my pick - but I think we've established on a previous occasion that I'm a greedy cow.
    You ought to have some footy totty in honour of the world up -
    Thierry Henry
    Frank Lampard
    David James

    You get the idea!

  9. Oh MJ what a yummy, yummy picture! Totty is an excellent word to describe Johnny. Might I also suggest Jake G?

  10. Billy Zane! You know he's my baby daddy! Damn his acting career and new girlfriend, he forgot all about us!

  11. I'll second the request for Thierry Henry ... in Renault mode rather than footy mode.

  12. You’re a randy lot, aren’t you?

    Tomorrow: Adrian Brody.

    Wyndham: Stop it. You’re killing me, too.

    Mone: If you don’t specify which long-haired guy, you’ll be leaving it up to my questionable taste.

    Betty: I was looking for Petit pics last week when you mentioned him on your blog. Still no luck with the naked massage photo.

    Geoff: Since you asked politely, yes you may have more than one.

    Pixie: I won’t ask why. I’ll just do it.

    Frobi: You have officially taken over the title of Greedy Guts from Lippy. Get to the end of the queue.

    Lippy: I’ve already started “researching” the footy totty as I’m planning a “Fabulous Fellas of Football” posting for the World Cup.

    Prunella: Yumminess in the form of Jake G is all yours.

    Awaiting: If Billy Zane is your baby daddy, why is he marrying Kelly Brook? He doesn’t know what he’s missing.

    Kaz: Will try to satisfy to your Thierry tastebuds.

    Right. I’m off to work. Keep the requests coming in. Though at this rate, Totty Week could spill over well into June.

  13. Ryan Carnes please... and why not, also with his feet exposed if you can manage it ;o)

  14. errr i would love a pic of robbie williams corrrrr i wouldnt throw him outta me bed !!!!
    i got tickets to see him in september
    second fave has to be robson green wow his eyes just are soooo sexy

  15. I hope I'm not too late.

    Wes Anderson Wes Anderson Wes Anderson!

  16. i gotcher totty right here, honey:

    .....AND swallow. oh yeah.

  17. ..someone stop me.... can't help it; they man owns my very soul. pray for me.

    I can't help it; they man owns my very soul. pray for me.

  18. Hardhouse: Enough with the foot requests. You’ll take what body parts I give you and be glad of it.

    Midget Arse: You’re practically foaming at the mouth! Take a Valium ‘til I can round to you.

    D. Prince: It’s never too late. That bottle rocket is all yours.

    First Nations: You really need to get this out of your system and just DO HIM.

  19. Boybands!

    Those five guys from Ireland, those other five guys from East London, those identical blond twins that everyone hated.

    The twit who sang about a mysterious girl and was on that i-used-to be-a-celebrity-get-me-out-of-the-jungle show. The one who sings about angels in a posh drug rehab clinic.

    You know what I'm saying? Utterly gorgeous but largely vaccuous young men who pretend being gorgeous has nothing to do with people tolerating their singing.

    In other words: Boybands!

  20. O Kapitano! My Kapitano!: Bonny boybands? Take a number. You'll be served as soon as possible. Enjoy the free samples while you're waiting.

  21. OH yeah we're getting footy totty!

  22. Oh my goodness! This is fun!

    You said it's never too late MJ, so here goes, my faves as you well know are: Nigel Harman and Keanu Reeves. I wouldn't mind the Gallagher brothers too.

    Ahhh. :)

    *tries to think of a way to surreptitiously sneak Chelly's request to the top of the queue.*

  24. Yes, yes dear MJ, I agree. Nigel (aka Dennis Rickman) should be atop the list! Hee! :)