Thursday, May 25, 2006

Fabio’s Kitchen of Love

I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter! presents Fabio’s Kitchen of Love.

Find out how Fabio fills boring situations (like grocery shopping or minor traffic violations) with romance.

Click on "Fabio’s Passionate Poetry" and arrange Fabio’s magnets to make your own message of love.

To hear the message I created, click here.
(After the image loads, click on "Read to me Fabio.")


  1. Whooa! Im first!

    Fabio is as exciting as a wet lettuce sandwich.

  2. I would have squeezed if he had offered an apple. i am sure his banana is a little bit mushy.

  3. Frobi: The wet lettuce sandwich wins hands down in the excitement department. But a wet lettuce sandwich can't recite bad poetry like he does.

    Jungle Jane: The only hard fruit choice I could find on his fridge was "melon."

  4. I am going through a drought. I'll take him as long as he keeps his freaking mouth shut!

  5. (watching in disbelief)

  6. KILLING ME! Hahaha!
    the Original hot fork crap, now I cant remember what I picked out. that was FUN !!

    Jeez. Word verification sucks!

  7. Oh what a sexy man. He really quivers my quim and makes my pudendum throb.

  8. Prunella: Thank you for answering my request in your comments section for more sexual euphamisms. Breathlessly awaiting the next installment of your bodice-ripper manuscript.

  9. OKay, so I actually just listened!

    You are too much you know that!

    Delicious banana!!!

  10. fabio frightens me.
    i cannot comment.
    fabio will find me.
    fabio will hurt me.
    bad fabio.