Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Extreme Ironing

Last Friday, 55 New Zealand divers smashed the world record for the most people ironing under water at the same time - under 29 metres of water.

Extreme Ironing is a sport that combines the thrills of an extreme outdoor activity with the satisfaction of a well-pressed shirt.


  1. Guess I won't be trying that out since I don't know how to iron on land.

  2. thats so fake.
    those irons aren't even plugged in.
    i foo on them.

  3. Ohhhhkayyyyyy.....what is the world coming to?

    And where the heck is hotty-totty Billy Zane?! You know he is the shizzz-nit. Or at least post pics of the Conn-connery.

    I am dying over at my place...need.....male....hotness....soon...

  4. Prunella: My husband just said that I don't know how to do "simple ironing" let alone "extreme ironing."

    First Nations: Electrocution might be taking the "extreme" factor to extremes.

    Awaiting: Take a cold shower. Have you seen how far down the waiting list you are? Billy Zane hotness will be yours in time.

  5. I don't buy anything that can't be dewrinkled in the dryer for a few minutes. No ironing here either.

  6. I suppose this makes as much sense as rolling down hill after a wheel of cheese. A bit of harmless fun. Thanks for visiting my blog. I always love consorting with fellow shoe-crazed folk.

  7. Don't think there'll be any wrinkles in those shirts. I like the snow board ironing.