Saturday, May 27, 2006

Happy Birthday, Helen

Today is the birthday of our Helen, otherwise known as Midget Arse.

In a celebratory mood, she started into the vodka about 24 hours before her big day. Then she went out on the town where this account by Tazzy and Piggy would lead us to believe she was out on the town with them.

However, a reliable source reports she was out with her date Big John.

It is reported she fell face first into her cake and, as you read this, she is still sleeping it off, as pictured below.


  1. Yay! I'm First!

    Thankful I got here before Midget Arse.

    I have to tell you - she was a right dirty slapper last night. All over the men in the pubs, on the streets, knickers at her ankles, slobbering over the tramps on the corner of the roads.

    Fucking disgusting she was. We were so ashamed to be in her company.

    She auctioned off her nipple clamps at the end of the night and raised 23p for charity.

    Some old bloke near the bar offered £50 for her to pull her knickers up.

  2. She was wearing knickers? That's a first.