Saturday, May 20, 2006

Fawlty Towers: “The Germans” Sketch

I’ve just added a link to Fawlty Towers “The Germans” sketch in my “Don’t Mention the War” posting. Or just click here to see it.


  1. This afternoon I went to the Art gallery in Oldham to see an exhibition entitled 'Birds'.
    I know how to live.
    The most interesting exhibit was a telly playing the Parrot sketch on a loop. Excellent.

  2. Hi Midget Arse. Yippee! Say hi to Piggy and Tazzy for me on Sunday.

    Kaz: At least you got out of the house. I haven't even cracked open a window yet!
    *proceeds to back away from the computer*

  3. har-har-har...( chuckle-ing! )

  4. i will MJ want me to give them a sloppy kiss from you haa haa yuk

  5. Midget Arse: Make it as repulsive as possible for them. By now you've poisoned them with the dodgy bikkies anyway.