Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Cheese Rolling: Britain’s Most Dangerous Pastime?

25 people were injured in Britain’s annual Cheese Rolling competition in Gloucestershire.

One of the injured was a spectator who was struck by a runaway cheese as it rolled into the crowd.

The winners take home a 3.6kg round of cheese and runners up receive £10.


  1. yipeee im 1st

    are they completely mad?? gawd this country sure does have some mad pastimes

  2. Crazy Brits! I love it.

  3. I think cheese rolling could be the new extreme sport, love the idea of a crowd member getting struck by a runaway cheese, lol!

    Trying to think of the festival where they all run round the village with burning barrels strapped to there backs. We know how to enjoy ourselves in blighty!

  4. Maybe they should combine the 2. A toasted cheese festival.

  5. Mental Mac: Welcome to Infomaniac. You'll fit in nicely here.

  6. Frob I think it's in Ottery St. Maryon Guy Fawkes night. Cheese rolling and celebrating the capture and torture of a man who almost burnt down Parliment... We sure know how to party!!