Saturday, May 27, 2006

Heist of the Week

Yarn Thieves

A 68-year-old woman and her accomplice stole $13,000 worth of wool this week from a yarn shop in Atlanta.

“She looked like your typical grandmother,” said shop owner Debi Light.

Hell's Grannies

This heist puts me in mind of Monty Python’s “Hell’s Grannies” sketch. Gangs of old ladies are terrorizing the city. These layabouts in lace knock over telephone kiosks and shove people off the pavement.

A young couple are interviewed about their gran who has become addicted to crochet and gets violent if she doesn’t get her 20-balls-of-wool-a-day. Seconds later we see the The Hell’s Grannies ride into a shop on their motorbikes. We can only suppose they’re robbing the store to pay for their next crochet fix.


  1. Was she wearing her sheep costume at the time?
    I remember Hell's grannies - I'll soon look like that myself.

  2. Kaz: Promise me you won't become a "senile delinquent." The leather motorcycle jacket might suit you though.

  3. That is what I aspire to be.

    I can picture it now.....a flask of vodka tucked in my support panty hose, and going to the grocery and sticking a roast down my shirt. be old and the law that is.

  4. Awaiting: Ah, the glamour of old age. Yet the complete freedom to be a Hell's Granny!

  5. That is one of my favorite Python clips.

  6. AWESOME !! thank you for the laugh !