Friday, May 26, 2006

Documenting Sam: a Sam Robertson Fanblog

Hot Scot

Created by the lovely and talented Chelly, Documenting Sam seeks to chronicle the career of Sam Robertson, the Scottish actor/model celebrated for his role as "Adam Barlow" on the popular UK soap Coronation Street.

Sam was named by The Daily Record as one of Scotland's Hot 100 Hottest Scots.

Canadian Corrie fans, please note that the Documenting Sam blog contains spoilers.

You Brits have the green light to click away. Enjoy.


  1. yipeeee im 1st

    hes quite cute sighhhhh im far toooo old but i can still look haa haa have a good weekend

  2. You guys make me wish I watched "Corrie".

  3. Midget Arse: You're only saying that because of your impending birthday. I'm sure Sam would love a woman who's been around the block and could show him a good time. If I were you I'd get on the blower right now and invite him to your birthday party.

    D.Prince: Let's talk. I'll get you hooked and be your Pusher.

  4. You obviously haven't seen his new haircut - it looks like a hazlenut, longer and brushed forward and gelled. Quite ridiculous.

    I have a feeling of power over you colonial Corrie fans!

  5. Oh he's fucking 'orrible.

    Named by the Daily Record? Oh so that's full of authority and believability then. Not.

    Every time I see him on Corrie at the moment (especially during erm, the storyline I can't mention at the moment for fear of having my head removed by all the Canucks (see I spelled it right!) as I give away a story they haven't seen yet).

    Bloody hell, all those brackets confused me there.

    Anyway (fave word), he's a dog. He was voted into the top 100 by a bunch of 9-year-old's who don't even know what their vulva's are for yet.

    I bet he's a poof too.

  6. And yes, you're quite right. Midget Arse has indeed been around the block a few times.

    Left a bloody trench, she has.

    Almost like the moat around a castle.

    But dry.

    Like Midget Arse, probably, at her age.

    Oh gawd, I feel soooo chatty today.

    Hello Frobi! *waves*

  7. *trots back in to knock Midget Arse's goggles off*

    There - can't look now, can you?

    Jeez, she's such a perve. I put it down to dementia. She's at the right age for it.

  8. Sam looks like he had his mouth glued on. and there is something *very* wrong with that belt...

  9. Frobi: Right then Lord Frobisher. What bit of totty would you like to see here instead?

    Midget Arse: Same question to you, since you’ve taken such a pummeling here today and deserve a bit of fun. Especially with your birthday coming up and all. What bit of totty would you like to see here?

    Piggy: You’re just jealous as you weren’t named on the Hottest Scots list. You think he’s a poof? Takes one to know one.

    Pixie: Fashion tips for Sam are being accepted. The lines are now open.

  10. Hot Scots sound like a recipe for something, deep fried haggis balls maybe?

    What's for dinner?
    Hot Scots with gravy.
    Awwww Mom!

  11. he's cute, but my daughter wants her belt back now.

  12. I would like to see a few Ben Cohen pics. I have been thinking of doing a "Fantasy Fuck League" ala. fantasy football league, with my top ten foxes on it.

    *Hi Piggy!*

  13. Prunella: I know some people who would like to find certain Hot Scots on their menu.

    First Nations: But if you return the belt to your daughter, his trousers will fall off!

    Frobi: Funnily enough, I spent some time earlier this morning gawking at pics of World Cup footie players with an eye for the most aesthetically pleasing. I'm planning to do a "hot football players" posting in the near future so I was doing "research." Anyway (Piggy's favourite phrase) I'll accommodate your request within the next few days though I won't be using that one of him on with the nasty mouthguard... unless that kind of thing turns you on.

  14. I like to see one of him mounted by Johny Wilkinson or Lewis Moody please. I know it's a tall order but I have every faith in you :)

  15. Frobi: A tall order indeed. The pressure's "mounting."