Wednesday, May 24, 2006

The 25 Sexiest Novels Ever Written

From carnal classics to modern romances, names The 25 Sexiest Novels Ever Written.

Clicking on the cover of each novel reveals a synopsis, excerpt and reason why it’s on the list.

Would you add anything to this list?


  1. Aunty Phil by John Leyland.

    Or Falling Drawers by Lucy Lastic.

  2. Geoff: Classic smut, that.

  3. What about Moby Dick??!!!

    (Maybe this should be the list I use for the summer reading challenge.)

  4. Jacqueline: Moby Dick? Oh yes. All that talk of seamen.

  5. How embarresing that of the 25 I have only read Forever. But then I'm partial to books with titles like "Love's Quivering Rosebush" with passages like "Lord Moiraine groaned and thrust his sword into Cassandra's silken sheath."

  6. I've read 1-7, 11, and 13. the only one I cared for was #1.
    how about:
    Aretino's Dialogues
    The Happy Hooker
    Justine (ewwwww)
    ...or anything by Anaiis Nin, my personal favorite?
    (trolling for new titles, mj???)

  7. Prunella: Do go on. I was just getting into the story when you stopped.
    First Nations: You saw through my cheap ploy.

  8. I can't get onto from work. :-( I'll check the list another time. :-)