Saturday, December 24, 2016

Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah, Bitches!

Christmas tree trimmed?...


Menorah and kosher seasonal spirits in hand?...


Hanukkah is celebrated, in part, by the lighting of a menorah each night.

And no doubt, some of you will "get lit" each night.

This year, Hanukkah/Chanukah overlaps with Christmas -- an occurrence that hasn’t happened since 1978 and won’t take place again until 2027. The Jewish festival begins this year on Dec. 24th and lasts eight days until Jan. 1st.

Mistletoe Belt Buckle fastened? (or unfastened, in some cases)...


Since everything's in check, it's time to proceed to that magical time of year when we gather 'round the tree, menorah, or festive accoutrement of your choice.

We here at Infomaniac wish you a happy holiday season.

Try, for a moment, to forget the year that was, and find delight in your friends, (some) family members, and the fact that there is still good news in this world.


  1. Feliz Navidad, MJ!

    Happy Holidays to all you Infomaniacs!

    Thank you for the laughs and wisdom and support, MJ!

    Don't plug that tree in just yet...I think it still needs proper grounding, lest we end up with chestnuts roasting on an open fire!

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all! Cheers!

  2. I am TOTES getting lit each Hannukah night *gigglesnort*

    Many blessings and wonderous days for you always My Mistress.

  3. with a tree stand like yours, it's
    a wonder there's still a needle on it.

  4. as for the good news, i'm not finding any. i imagine that carrie fisher is dead by now & they're not telling us yet. i'm heartbroken. is there anything else this fucking year can take from us?

  5. Seasond Greetings Mistress...
    I think your Christmas tree needs a little decorating with a few more balls and candy canes... or perhapse the base is a power drill with all that electrical cabling... Does it rotate when turned on?
    *puckers up for the usual under the mistletoe kiss*
    Now where is that vodka chaser???

  6. A beautifully trimmed tree. I hope it doesn't topple over.
    Hanukkah, Christmas, whatever you celebrate,here's to it!

  7. Mr Beastie has suppassed himself with the tree this year.
    Have a wonderful Christmas Ms Mistress, and thank you for being here!!

  8. "Christmas tree trimmed?" - I'd say a touch of manscaping is in order. Perhaps the young man is hinting for a personal grooming kit for Christmas?

    Have a marvellous Mid-Winter and, as Ms Scarlet and others have said, thank you for being here! Despite what's going on in the world, we can always count on something funny, moving, enlightening, and/or downright disgusting here.

  9. No baubles, fancy or otherwise!

    That Christmas tree would look lovely displayed in Mrs Beighton's sweet shop window in Haworth.

    O Tannenbaum, o Tannenbaum,
    Du kannst mir sehr gefallen!

    Happy Christmas!

  10. My eight days of Hannukah are gin, cider, port, sherry, prosecco, champagne, Baileys and gin. Yes, gin is the most holy... Jx

    1. is it any wonder I adore you? *whips out mistletoe around*

  11. What a beautiful tree and unusual tree stand. But where are the balls? And a TOPPER? Merry Christmas MJ ! *whips out mistletoe for kiss*

  12. A minimal look is ever so effective.

  13. Kosher spirits ? Not here.

    Let me kiss you under the belt buckle, you know you want !

  14. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

  15. THIS post has put me in a holiday mood! cheers! (raises a snifter of chambord)

  16. Cheers, sweetheart! I'm celebrating with you! xoxoxox

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  18. I wish I could say "happy this" or "merry that", but I'm afraid that I know the subject of your next post.
    Love You & let's all have a much better 2017