Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Boys of Bastille Day

In honour of Bastille Day on July 14th in France (also known as La Fête Nationale,) we here at Infomaniac bring you a sampling of THE MEN OF FRANCE.

Let's start with photos of the (troubled) Delon Family: actor Alain Fabien Maurice Marcel Delon and his son Alain-Fabien Delon, Jr....

And one of Alain Delon's other sons, actor Anthony Delon...

And then there's photographer Christian Aaron (Ari) Boulogne, the alleged son of Alain Delon and singer/Warhol Superstar,  Nico. YOU be the judge...

Ari Boulogne (left), a young Alain Delon (right)
Who's your daddy?

And now, moving along to MORE fabulous Frenchmen...

Benjamin Millepied (danseur/choreographer/Director of Dance at the Paris Opera Ballet and Mr. Natalie Portman)...

Camille Lacourt (backstroke swimmer)...

Christophe Mae (singer)...

Gad Elmaleh (stand-up comedian and actor)...

Gaspard Ulliel (actor/model)...

Guillaume Canet (actor/director and partner of Marion Cotillard, voted 2012's "Sexiest Woman in the World")...

Jean Dujardin (actor)...

Jean Dujardin, again, this time shirtless...

You're welcome.

Jean-Hugues Anglade (actor)...

Jean-Michel Tinivelli (actor)...

Julian Bugier (TV journalist)...

Kad Merad (one of Mistress MJ's favourite actors)...

Louis Garrel (actor)..

Mathieu Kassovitz (director, screenwriter, actor, etc.)...

Matthieu Tribes (actor, director, screenwriter, composer, etc.)...

Maxim Nucci aka Yodelice (singer/songwriter)...

Melvil Poupaud (actor)...

Morgan Parra (rugby player)...

Nagui (TV and radio personality)...

Nicolas Cazal (actor)...

Nicolas Fargues (novelist)...

Nikos Aliagas (journalist/entertainer)...

Olivier Martinez (actor and Mr. Halle Berry)...

Olivier Minne (television presenter, actor and producer)...

Olivier Rousteing (fashion designer)...

Patrick Fiori (singer)...

Patrick Petitjean (model)...

Pierre Yovanovitch (architect/interior designer)...

Raphaël Personnaz (actor)...

Romain Duris (actor)...

Tahar Rahim (actor)...

Thierry Henry (footballer)...

The above photo is dedicated to the late Infomaniac Bitch KAZ, who had a thing for Thierry, as documented here on Infomaniac. We miss you, KAZ.

Vincent Cassel (actor)...

William Leymergie (journalist, television producer and host, and one of the first men Mistress MJ sees in the morning)...

Yoann Gourcuff (footballer)...

Actor/director/screenwriter Pascal Elbé...

Actor Gilles Lellouche...

This is just a SAMPLING of what France has to offer, Bitches. Aren't you hungry for a baguette?

Of course, not ALL the men in France are this handsome. Click here for Bogdanoff Twins.


  1. Texas: Bigger Than France.

    1. LX: Let’s not forget that Texan George Bush said, "The problem with the French is that they don't have a word for entrepreneur."

  2. what, no shot of that hung stud maurice chevalier?

    jean? oui. maintenant.

    1. NORMA: Maurice Chevalier? I’ve included only the living in this selection.

      HUGGY JON: Is “no Gérard” a good thing or a bad thing, in your opinion? I assume you mean Gérard Depardieu?

      Isn’t he a Russian citizen now?

    2. Sweetie darling, if I thought it was a good thing, you would have had to ban me for life!

      Depardieu is Depardieu and will always be Depardieu. He is his own land!

      I feel much more for Guillaume who was much better looking than his father. Poor kid. Must be hard to live up to such an icon. May he rest in peace.

    3. HUGGY JON: We’ll be monitoring the development of little Jean Depardieu.

  3. There's never been anyone prettier than Delon, not even his sons.
    I'm so glad to see Messieurs Poupard et Duris on the list.
    I've had a longstanding crush on them each.... And a few others here warrant further.... Um.... Investigation.
    Bon appetit!

    1. JASON: It’s my job to serve you up French Fancies on a platter.

  4. French men are definitely at their best once over 40. Although there are one or two who are not quite there yet that I can stand...

    1. MR. DeVICE: Here’s a mature Frenchman who wants your phone number.

    2. Oh, gods, why did I click?

      At least he wasn't naked.

    3. MR. DeVICE: Keep in mind that you can only see him from the waist up.

  5. Oh God... I'm totally out of the game. I only know three or four. That shows how much of a TV/Movie snob I've become.

    I remember Olivier Perez in Le Hussard sur le toit: very yummy but his perofrmance... meh! Juliette Binoche was to strong for him.

    And to this brochette, I'd like to add Vincent Perez who made a big splash (and so did I... in my pants) in Cyrano de Bergerac, but Gérard was to big for him too.

    1. HUGGY JON: I considered adding Vincent Perez but I ran out of space!

      He was born in Switzerland and he’s of Spanish and German heritage but he moved to France at age eighteen.

      Now, please clean up that mess in your pants with the Wet Wipes I’ve provided.

    2. Swisserland? What's that? Some new brand of lube, I suppose! I'm gonna need some for Norma's bowling competition.

    3. HUGGY JON: Mistress MJ has done her bit to promote Switzerland.

  6. Replies
    1. MISS SCARLET: And if you could pick just one?

    2. Oliver Minne... the one that looks like Rowan Atkinson :-)
      But most of them would go down nicely.

    3. MISS SCARLET: Rowan Atkinson as Rowan Atkinson as opposed to Rowan Atkinson as Mr. Bean?

    4. I revisited this post and scrolled through the lovely chaps, stopped on one and thought, Rowan Atkinson!
      Seems my brain is still functioning as it was two years ago!! I do mean Rowan Atkinson as Rowan Atkinson... or Johnny English.

    5. It's good you're consistent, Miss Scarlet.

  7. You do have a thing about Frenchmen... It must be a result of all those "french letters" you've received over the years....

    1. PRINNY: I also have a thing for Italians.

    2. Ah! Italians... gotta have'em!

      You forgot to celebrate the Festa della Repubblica on June 2nd. Now who's gonna ban YOU?

    3. HUGGY JON: June 2nd?

      Perhaps you have forgotten that Mistress MJ was relaxing in the Cheese Room that day.

      Mistress MJ cannot be everywhere at once, you know, nor all things to all people.

  8. BITCHES: Oops! I'm just looking at my photo files and I see I forgot to post my photos of actor/director/screenwriter Pascal Elbé and actor Gilles Lellouche.

    What an oversight!

    1. I've just added Pascal Elbé and Gilles Lellouche as an update near the end of the post.

      Because you Bitches deserve it.

    2. And not to mention the other Gérard...

      Gérard Lanvin

    3. Uh-oh!

      I think I'll pay a little visit to the vodka fountain....

  9. Mmm..Jean Dujardin.

    If you visit and search'll find some of the loveliest penises in the whole entire world.

    1. AYEM8Y: French cock.

      How fitting.

      Did you know that the Gallic rooster is the unofficial national symbol of France?

    2. Le Coq Sportif ... could also be an Informaniac posting as well!

    3. I heard that some rooster here can't doodle their doo anymore!

    4. LX: If we had any “sport fags” here on Infomaniac, it would make a lovely logo.

      HUGGY JON: No naming names.

  10. Replies
    1. Could someone, please pass me an absorbent pad, cocktail napkin, tampon or something..?

    2. WALLY: Is it that time of the month again, dear?

  11. The Bogdanoff twin pictured on the right, looks like root ginger.