Wednesday, May 25, 2011

In Memory of Mr. Mutley

To honour the memory of blogger Mutley the Dog who died a year ago, May 21st, 2010, Infomaniac presents one of his old blog posts.

Entitled “Coming Soon!” and dated July 17, 2009, it’s shorter than most of his posts but sums up his many and varied blog topics quite nicely, I think.

Mr. Mutley (Robert Chambers)

Coming Soon!

- " Pies, boobs, social accidents, embarrassing sex, beer with weird names, perverted teens, Masons, pop stars, corrupt policemen, holidays in hell, monsters, prison ships, gratuitous nudity, talking vegetables, rubber gloves, flesh eating gulls, politics, celebrities, steam trains, philosophers, famous friends, Paul Weller, trips, the mooing phone, rotting genitals, pies, Icelandic sex perverts, wildlife reports, the West country, abattoirs, west bay, push-me-pull yous, pickles, mothers porcelain, pagan ceremonies, beetroot,and best of all radioactive howler monkeys!"

Note from Mistress MJ: I’d add “allotments” and “lime green boxer shorts” to this list. Oh yes, and “sniffing the crotch of a latex catsuit.” Any other Mutley memories you’d like to share?


  1. Tweeting his vasectomy!

    I do so miss Mutley.

  2. Where did that 12 months go?
    I must say that his other guise also made me laugh much funny....

  3. I'm sure Mr Mutts was responsible for a couple of strange commenters on this post. One day someone will come along and ruin my illusions, but I'm sure it was him!

    Mr Mutts loved pies of any kind. I can't look at a Fray Bentos pie without thinking of him!

  4. I followed the links from the memorial site and found this.

  5. I’ve replaced the memorial site link with Kate’s Cheeky Monkey blog.

    Thank you, Miss Scarlet.

    Let's plug in the vodka fountain now and drink to his memory.

  6. I don't see why you keeping saying "Let's plug in the vodka fountain", it seems pretty much plugged in all the time! Let's toss back a few for dear departed friends and new friends found.

  7. I was thinking about Mr Mutley and Mu Tai just the other day and Miss him terribly. I was reading an article by some dreadful harpie droning on about being percecuted by philistines for her art . I remebmbered Mu Tai's cheerful hounding of this blogger who fancied her blog a haven of culture and art. I expect she required therapy following some of Mu's tortured prose and frankly barking poetry. Poor Miss Mu was eventually blocked following a particularly ghastly was truly awesome _:-)

  8. Ha! @Kelly.

    @Beast: I recall Mutley mentioning that you were involved in an incident in which the Curates trousers were ruined. Can you expand on this?

  9. I liked reading this post - and the comments. Reminds me that life just shouldn't be so "heavy"..

  10. MERRY WEATHER (KATE): I’m delighted you dropped by.

    I was (and continue to be) a big Mutley fan.

    Over to the right, if you scroll down on my sidebar, there’s an “In Memoriam” photo of him. If you click on it, the link now goes to your blog.

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts about him with us on your blog.

    As you say on your blog, he was “Funny, Clever and Brave...Irreverent, Naughty and Rather Kind...”

  11. Bless you MJ.

    It's nice to see that Rob is not forgotten.

  12. I shall have to make the blog more fitting to Rob then, by being Generally More Cheeky and Cheerful MJ, if it's to be linked on such an excellent site.

    Thank you..

  13. @Merry Weather:

    Mutley used to refer to me as "that dreadful MJ and her troupe of performing homosexuals."

    It was like receiving a blessing from the Pope himself when he said that.

    I hope he knew how much we all enjoyed his writing and his personality.

    *raises glass*

    To cheekiness, Kate!

    Help yourself to the vodka fountain!

  14. a very clever fellow with a peculiar take and a big heart.
    ..a year already eh?