Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Gorgeous Gams –Voting Day!

So many lovely legs on display in our Gorgeous Gams Competition!


And now it's time to vote! (Anyone may vote regardless of whether or not you submitted a photo of your legs.)


You may vote on any or all of the following categories:

Shapliest legs

Hairest legs

Most Creative Leg Coverings

Funniest Pose

Sexiest Legs (i.e. Legs you’d most like wrapped around your neck or legs you’d like to have kneeling in front of you or legs you’d like to kneel in front know what I'm sayin')

Vote for as many Infomaniac Bitches as you wish.

Each Infomaniac Bitch is eligible for any or all of the categories.

Remember to read the blurb under each photograph.

Note: Some of the photos can be enlarged by clicking on them.

Are you ready to vote?

Let's go!

That glint on my toenail is not PhotoShopped! It's my clear coat pedicure!

mrpeenee and his R Man seen gaily laffing it up at some long gone Southern Decadence bacchanal in New Orleans. Buttchops courtesy of sling back, tee-strap, three inch heels.

you want a blurb? gee, you certainly want a lot.
the only blurb i can offer is that i felt so guilty about not sending something, i sent you this.

Occasionally kabuki's inner princess comes out to play. Being gay allows me to enjoy my feminine and masculine sides simultaneously.

Here is my entry for the Gorgeous Gams competition in the category of 'Most creative leg coverings'. I fully expect to be disqualified.... but I tried, and I got through half a bottle of bubble bath... which was fun.

She's got legs and she knows how to use them!
My lallies haven't seen the sun for nearly six months, they're all white and pasty looking so here's one from the archive, taken about 2 years ago on Maspolomas Beach. Yes I do go topless on the beach, the brazen hussy that I am.

Mitzi's Legs Facts:

1 Mitzi exercises her legs everyday using a broom handle.
2 Mitzi's had several leg-laces from leg fanciers in her time.
3 Mitzi likes to have the hairs on her legs to be individually plucked out using tweezers, she finds it so relaxing.
4 When Mitzi lived at home (her parents) she would cover her legs in chocolate and let the dog lick it off.
5 In her youth, her inner thighs were so fat they would rub together and cause chaffing.

I do hope you are all wearing your sunglasses Dhaaarlings. Prepare to be dazzled by “Princess’ Pins”
They are all my own work Dhaaarlings... and with 48 years of utter neglect... you too can have pins like these... the bonus is that they’re still managing to stop my arse from hitting the pavement after all these years...
Who would have thunk???


Syncopated Eyeball took this photo of me when we were fooling around with the camera one afternoon. My darling recently deceased Burmese cat Pablo was unimpressed.

XL's CAT "RJ"...
RJ: Please excuse the photo quality. We're "all thumbs" when it comes to cameras! Get it? HAHAHA!!!

Lola: We're "all in" for the Gorgeous Gams Competition. Hairiest Legs Division, s'il vous plaît, as that is so tres tres Français. Get it? HAHAHA!!!

"These are the girls, Peter & Paul.....
Mary wasn't up for a photo-op, but we all know how he can be....
Peter, Paul and I like to call Mary, "Richard", most of the time".

Be kind to Coco, she's a little sensitive about her short legs.

I think that very often the simplest way doing things is the most elegant (not always!), so after much twisting and shouting the simple look from above on my left leg is it - accepting the inelegance of the toes.

May I present you with my legs, accessorised with the very latest of Mooms - A 'must have' this season for taking attention away from skinny legs. As you can see, the Moom is reluctant to be a party to such hideousness, and very nearly escaped my clutches!
Note from Mistress MJ: "Moom" is the name of IVD's dog. In this case, we are voting for IVD's legs, not Moom's legs.
Oh, and one more thing...this photo doesn't do justice to the length of IVD's legs...try clicking here for a better idea.

That’s it, bitches!

Deadline for voting is Thursday, May 5 at 8:00 PM EDT.



  1. A difficult choice to be sure. Why can't I get the image of Princess using that disco ball like the Asian woman did with the ping pong ball in Priscilla?

  2. I have to go with WALLY. Great stockings and fabulous job with the backgrounds too.

    Second up: Mago. Just because.


    BITCHES: Please remember to tell us WHICH category or categories goes along with your choice of blogger(s).



  5. Mistress needs to seek out a tranquil Japanese garden and chill. Of course the other alternative is 2 valiums and a pint of Stoli. Kabuki cannot be pigeonholed into one of the listed catagories; he's created his own.


  7. I do apologise MJ for the "Mitzi leg fact" waffle. It was my night time medication kicking in and I was quite enjoying the high.

    Sexiest Legs: Michael Guy
    Hairest Legs: Normadesmond

    Shapliest legs
    Most Creative Leg Coverings
    Funniest Pose
    Lady in Waiting
    Legs Up Lucy

    Disco mirror ball, pink feathers and a garter there is only one winner here and that's the lovely Princess!

    Princess get's my vote.

  8. *calms self*

    Oh Hai, Hayward! We've missed you.

    I want whatever drugs Mitzi is on.

  9. Caramba!
    I did not expect Mitzi being a schreitender griechischer Gott, kind of Poseidon ...
    Very interesting photographs, masterpieces in their own, all and each. I have to contemplate a bit about this extrodinary collection.
    Hail to The Mistress and all participants!

    Hey - where's Pete?

  10. Sorry MJ I was so excited by all of the legs. I'll be back with my REAL votes.

  11. Mago: CyberPete is in New York City visiting his idol Kylie Minogue.

    Yes, BOXER...see to it that you return after you've carefully studied the rules. There will be a test!

  12. Most Creative Leg Coverings: Miss Scarlet!

    Hairiest Legs: Coco!

  13. Mistress
    May we vote one category at a time on separate comments?

  14. My my my so many contenders. I had to sit this one out as I left my camera in some truck stop bathroom in Idaho.

    Shapliest legs - Princess

    Hairest legs - Norma

    Most Creative Leg Coverings - Wally

    Funniest Pose - Michael Guy

    Sexiest Legs - Mitzi (Damn girl, who knew???)

    Miss Scarlet gets the “Most like Marilyn Monroe Honorable Mention”

  15. XL: By golly, that IS Miss Scarlet!

    WALLY: Yes.

    AYEM8Y: Thank you for reading and obeying the rules.

    It's nice to see that SOMEONE is paying attention.

  16. OK -
    I've always loved how others perceive things, so, here are my perceptions....

    Shapliest - Now, I've always loved lankiness, and I have to concede to a tie between mrpeenee & nursemyra, if you really look then you would understand my dilemma... Mistress may handle this in any way she sees fit.

    Hairiest - Normadesmond's free & easy attitude is what makes a hairy leg... Be Heard!!!...

    Most creative leg coverings - Miss Scarlett & her bubbles, always a sexy classic covering...

    Funniest pose - Princess, I just can't help hearing the grandeur of the hymn: "She's got the whole disco ball, with her gams"....etc....

    Sexiest legs - Michael Guy, Damn son, those knees look like they haven't been used at all..... Call me.

    Most artistic shot - mango, a little sunlight, a little black & white film, a little north europe angst, a little wine, a little spongecake...

  17. Shapliest legs- peenee, i loved that shot of you the last time i saw it, still do.

    Hairest legs-it may be myself, so i can't vote in this category.

    Most Creative Leg Coverings-kabook. we all know kabook lost her legs in a tragic, gabor-like pseudodrama and what is pictured here are mannequin legs, cleverly posed with an inert torso.

    Funniest Pose- wally and the green satin. i'm getting a brothel vibe.

    Sexiest Legs-this is tough. mago shows promise, nurse myra is simply too cool, but miss scarlet, by revealing nothing, says the most.

  18. I vote for Wally, although I'd love to vote for IVD >: Wally's first picture is the bee's knees!

    (Oh and hi guys, missed you lots.. Was away for a month!)

  19. This is hard!

    Shapliest legs - RJ and Lola. [This is my easy option because I can't choose between the human legs]

    Hairest legs - Ms Norma.

    Most Creative Leg Coverings - Wally.

    Funniest Pose - Ms Nurse, because I think there's a funny story behind that pic.

    Sexiest Legs - Mitzi... I think I'm in love...

    Most elegant toes - Mr Mags.

    Best short legs - Coco.

    Best use of a disco ball - Michael Guy and Princess [joint winners].

    Most hot - Mr Peenee.

    Most British - Mr Devine.

    Best languishing pose - kabuki Zero.


  20. Shapliest legs

    Hairest legs
    Norma Desmond

    Most Creative Leg Coverings
    Wally and Princess (what a garter!)

    Funniest Pose
    Nurse in bondage Myra

    Sexiest Legs
    Those in the stripy tights.

  21. Good morning, Bitches.

    Shall I plug in the vodka fountain?

  22. Gosh... how difficult is it to choose

    Shapeliest: Wally
    Hairiest: Norma Desmond
    Most Creative: Miss Scarlet
    Funniest: Mr Peenee
    Sexiest: Mitzi

    Michael Guy deserves an honourable mention as runner up in two categories and Mago gets one for the best toes

  23. What about coffee falls?

  24. I suppose a coffee falls or tea sprinkler this early in the day is the better choice as I don't want you to be LEGLESS by afternoon.

  25. @SCARLET: Yes…Thom of Chateau Thombeau posted them here.

    Let us never speak of these again.

  26. Don't let Beatrice and Eugenie see them....

  27. Nice variation of my Bundy's ...

  28. Good morning all.

    Those "MJ" boots are stunner's Miss Scarlet!

    As for the voting...

    Shapeliest Legs:
    Wally's "triptych" while working the call centre gets my vote in this section. The patterned stockings do him justice...

    Hairiest Legs:
    Norma, hands down! I could do some serious Macrame with that leg hair darling

    Props to Boxer's Coco, and Xl's RJ and Lola. Fabulous fur all around.

    Most Creative Coverings:

    Miss Scarlet and her Bubbly Brilliance...
    A close second goes to Michael Guy in this category for his magical mirror balls, just adding a hint of intreague by covering up his ankle.

    Sexiest Legs:

    Miss Mitzi! I'd lick chocolate from those legs any day!....

    Best legs on a Quadruped:
    In the running for this were.... Coco, RJ, Lola, Moom, and IDV (Only because in that photo his arms look as long as his legs)

    And the winner is IDV.

  29. Ooh, what a selection! Here goes:

    Shapliest legs: Michael Guy

    Hairiest legs: RJ or Norma Desmond - I just can't decide!

    Most creative leg coverings: Miss Scarlet

    Funniest pose: Princess (the second one)

    Sexiest legs: Mitzi. Wow!

  30. Here is the remainder of my ballot:

    Shapeliest: Mitzi

    Funniest Pose: Wally

    Sexiest: Nursemyra

    Most Artistic: Herr Mago

    Most Bewitching: IDV

    Best Downunder: Princess

    Glitteriest: Michael Guy

    Lagniappe: Mr Peenee

    Best In Show: Norma

    Most Inscrutable: Kabuki

  31. A terrible crime has been committed Miss MJ . and suprisingly I dont mean some of the pictures on here today.....
    As if you didnt know

  32. Just checking in on vote tallys. Thank you all in advance for admiring my gams. I'll be back once I've narrowed my husband, I mean, winner choice.

  33. Sexiest-Michael Guy- must be the gleaming nail polish; Mitzi would have been a shoo in if he had his swimsuit pulled down. Princess for Most Creative- simply for not having the camera at the opposite angle Hairiest-XL's RJ because I like animals(even Beast) Shapeliest-Miss Scarlet because you imagine whatever shape you want them to be. Funniest pose- Kabuki- I feel the need to vote him into some category to avoid a possible curse from the far east.

  34. I got in at the last minute...did I? Did I? Whoo!

    *dances around like Pee Wee Herman*

    Now, what am I doing here?

  35. I am dazzled by them all!

    Shapliest legs -- Mr Peenee

    Hairest legs -- Miss Norma Desmond's possibly borrowed legs (I think I have those exact blue capris the model is wearing.)

    Most Creative Leg Coverings -- Miss Scarlet

    Funniest Pose -- Mago, whose photo looks like a still from a depressed UCLA film student's final thesis.

    Sexiest Legs -- Wally

  36. It's me again. I think I remembered why I came here. Aren't you giving away sausages? Can I have one.

  37. Me again. But I changed my profile photo. I KNOW! CRAZY!!!

    I vote for...Donald Trump!

  38. Wally - Shapliest Legs

    IVD - Funniest pose.

    XL's RJ - Hairiest!

    IVD - Most creative leg coverings (Moom go!)

    MITZI - Sexiest legs!


  39. As the clock ticks toward the 8:00 pm deadline (should we extend it a few hours?) we await Boxer's "real answers" and Michael Guy's choice of husband.

    And where the hell is Peenee with HIS vote? On California time, no doubt.

  40. Too much Herzog, Stacia.

  41. Right then.

    Since those late bitches Boxer and Michael Guy haven't shown up as promised with only 15 minutes to go before deadline, I'M EXTENDING THE DEADLINE for a few hours.

    Fact is, I'm not around anyway as I have every intention of having a "Carry On" marathon this evening.

    Thanks to those of you who've voted so far.

    It's going to be a close one in most categories.

  42. I am on California time, in fact, but then again, I am in California so that makes sense.

    Shapliest legs: Mitzi, without a doubt. Bitch gots some serious gams

    Hairest legs: Miss Scarlet. Those bubbles fool no one.

    Most Creative Leg Coverings: Wally. If those are actually his legs. If those are actually legs.

    Sexiest Legs: Kabuki, the little minx

  43. I hope I"m not too late!!
    Shapliest: Mitzi (JEALOUS)
    Most Creative: Miss Scarlet
    Funniest: Princess (love the bow)
    Sexy: Michael Guy
    Hairiest: Wally (I can only imagine the HOURS it took to shave your hair in that harringbone pattern!!)

  44. Shapeliest legs: Mitzi
    Creative Genius: Princess (gotta love a mirror ball)
    Sexiest: Inexplicable Device (not that I can see them. I'm just a sucker for tall men, beaches and dogs.)
    Furriest: Normadesmond
    Most heart tugging: Mr. Peenee; I love what memories must associate to that good time photo.
    Most Betty Grable-ly: WALLY!

    That's it. I'm done. Back to WeightWatchers and a wooden spoon here.


    To keep you amused in the meantime, look for a Filthy Friday post...coming soon!

  46. Honey, is there an official Infomaniac Statistician?

    Honestly I don’t know how you keep it all up.

    Sorry about your accident, crashing into the Hair Hall of Fame.

  47. We are still awaiting Boxer's vote.

    As it is just before 4:00 am in BoxerLand, I don't anticipate her vote anytime soon.

    Patience, bitches.

  48. Michael Guy wins everything except the hairiest legs. That's got to be Mago.

    Now, Michael Guy are you by chance in New York? *wink*

  49. kabuki wields the cruel truth with an exacting eye: shapliest is mr peenee, hairiest it norma desmond, sexiest is kabuki zero, funniest is nurse myra, creative is wally. remember it is an honor just to be nominated. for you that is, this bitch wants TO WIN IT ALL! HAHAHAHA

  50. @Boxer - It is so just obvious to me that you said: "Wally, Wally. Wally, Wally (or Qually, as the case may be....

    I vote that her vote counts!



  52. BITCHES: It looks like all the votes are FINALLY in and we can now get down to the task of tabulating the results.

    Stay tuned as Infomaniac announces the winners later today.

  53. What a fabulous and talented pool of contestants! You're all winners!