Monday, May 23, 2011

Your Favourite Post

Back in 2008, Infomaniac ran a series entitled “Your Favourite Post.”

We here at Infomaniac think it’s high time to continue the series.


Here’s how it works…

Once upon a time, you must have written a post that you like above all the others.

Rummage about in your blog archives for your favourite post.

Then email the link to that post to Mistress MJ. (Email address is in my Blogger Profile.)

From time to time, we’ll shine the spotlight on an Infomaniac reader’s fave blog post so that all of us may be blessed in reading your creative output.

Now go and dig through your archives.

The first of these posts will appear this Saturday, May 28th so quit stalling and send me your links NOW.


  1. My favorite is The Mistress' Canada Day 08!

    [does kissing up help?}

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. All my posts make ME tinkle.....
    I'll go back & rummage to see if one makes me squeal...

    Hai Boxer, Hai xl

  4. *high fives Savannah for her first!"

    I have my old blog and then the new blog. Hmmm. I'll start thinking.

    Ouch. Maybe vodka first. Then thinking.

    HAI! XL, Wally and Savannah!!

  5. This task could take a while... And they say never look back! huh!
    And here I was at a loose end....

  6. Everything I write is fucking brilliant.
    Try this one:

  7. My own favourite post is only my favourite post because of a comment by Mr XL!
    I will have a rummage.

  8. I love any excuse to lovingly stroke my own blog!

  9. BITCHES: Mistress MJ is busy reading your submissions.

    Keep 'em coming!

    And a reminder to send the link to me via EMAIL...not in the comment box where it spoils the element of surprise.

    *sends Vicus to The Oubliette*

    p.s. If you are having problems leaving comments on Blogger blogs today, sign into your Blogger Dashboard first. Thanks to Miss Scarlet for the tip.

  10. I can't write, others do this for me.

  11. I've just managed to cram a little something into your slot Darling...;~)

  12. My favorite post? Oh golly. Not sure I can find a 'favorite' but I'll surely dig one up that touches me emotionally.

    And I don't like to be touched. So there's that.

  13. fuck, i was doing that before i rolled over here... now i have to go back and do it again?!!? the things i'll do...

  14. Your very demanding today . !

  15. .
    There . can I go to bed now ???

  16. Sadly I don't have enough content in my blog.

    I'll just wait in the wings to read others' favorites.

  17. this man needs to crawl into the
    mailbox, close it behind him & fart.

  18. A reminder to send the link to me via EMAIL...not in the comment box where it spoils the element of surprise.

    *slaps Beast*

    @Beast: According to THIS (remember?), War and Peace is your fave post.

    I’m using the Frobisher post you sent me, nonetheless. I was away when you posted it and missed it.

  19. How did you ever get this shot of Ted Kennedy checking his box?

  20. @Donn: His box-checking is legendary.

  21. haha.... good comeback MJ