Thursday, May 19, 2011

Button Polishing

Mistress MJ awoke to find this in her inbox…

Thanks, Thom.

And if you haven’t already visited the amazing Chateau Thombeau, hike up your petticoats and scuttle over there now!


  1. Polish button? I have a Franconian knob ...

  2. It appears as if MJ likes her fellas stout...

  3. Big or small, I like them all!

  4. This must be what he was on about...

  5. You think a fellow would know better than to call it a button of all things in front of a lady!

    Guess some men don't want to make themselves bigger after all.

  6. I've seen that snapshot of your legs wrapped around a pole.

  7. Oh Hai, Manda!

    You snuck in under the pole.

  8. polish a button?
    is that what girls call choking the chicken? whacking the weasel? beat the meat? blowing up a doll? (wait...THAT doesn't belong here...) stroking the stick? waxing the wiener? playing pocket pool? shifting the knob? practicing for the prickness? testing skin tenseness? stabbing the hand? jerking off? (dang ... THAT was plain) pillaging the pecker? a hand job with no pay or place to park? perusing the penis? filling in the space in the hand? vibrating in slow motion? (good, good, good vibrations... what else DID you think the Beach Boys were singing about?) late night dick duty? reeling in the rod? manhandling the man handle? caressing the cucumber? doodling the dong? practicing to be gay? (hey...same sex can't get any more "SAME" than your own) lengthening the socks? making donuts? (how do you THINK those bakers get that hole in there?) walking the mitt mutt? pumping the pumpernickel?

  9. I'm not just a stout fellow, I also enjoy a good ale. "I'll have a glass of Bass and a piece of ASS!"

  10. BONEMAN: You can never have enough!

    THOMBEAU: Bottoms up!

  11. slinging the schlong (or, slinging the schort for those less endowed)

    Counting boner ribs by hand, over and over and over...

    Plunging for pleasure

    Erasing the pickle by hand

    (do we get hairy palms because our wieners make our hands out to be pussy?)
    (wax the palms!? I don't THINK so...