Thursday, August 10, 2006


As you know, Tazzy and Piggy visited SID and SID’s Bird and SID’s kids (aka The Earth Angels) in Ireland. Now that they've sodded off back to Yorkshire, SID thinks he can finally sit back and relax.

But not so fast! There is plenty to do before you put your feet up SID.

First, you and the missus must put on your Hazmat outfits and hose your house down. Remove all traces of Tazzy and Piggy contaminates...

Next, douse the members of your household after their contact with Tazzy and Piggy to prevent parasites. May I suggest a good sheep dip? ...

You’ll need some of this to stop the itching that started when Tazzy and Piggy got a little too close for comfort…

Those filthy beggars couldn’t even lift a finger to help SID’s bird with the dishes. So you’re on your own now to clean up their dirty crockery…

Lastly, call in the priest to perform an excorism…

Now that you’ve decontaminated, fumigated, and exorcised, you’re ready for a nice cuppa.

But wait!

Tazzy and Piggy tell me you’re keeping a secret from us. They say your little children have tales to tell. Tazzy and Piggy would like to remind you of the little slip-ups the wee ones uttered.

Tazzy and Piggy told me they’ll tell us ALL about it unless you beg. Their words as follows:

I think SID should beg.

What do others think?

Less than enough begging and we'll tell.

*even more evil cackle*

Oh the power!

So go on everyone. Should SID beg? If so, how much? And in what manner? Make it good or SID’s secrets will be spilled here publicly. Muahaha!!!


  1. i don't think he should beg. i think he should beat the poofters to the punch and let it all out. besides, we can't tell who will be the most truthful unless there are pictures. are there pictures?

  2. i think poor Sid has had enough to contend with, having had t&p visit im sure he is still rcovering

    Sid will tell all im sure haa hhaa

  3. *rubs hands*

    *and willies*

    *cackles even more*

  4. So far, the results are disappointing. I expected nothing less than self-flagellation. Or a willingness to become T&P's slave for a day.

  5. I hereby declare this vote null and void for lack of a quorum. MJ, you have the power.

    Use it or lose it. Doesn't SID get a vote?

  6. WW: This forum stays open for the rest of the day. SID is still "at work." The final decision will be up to Tazzy and Piggy, the keepers of SID's secret.

  7. Secrets. Plural, dear.

  8. Having had frobisher and Mr C whipping up a few culinary delights in my kitchen was bad enough ,followed by a good cleaning featuring a pitchfork , skip and a flame thrower , my neighbours are still not talking to me.But even the Beast pales at the horror of P&T making free with me ornaments and rifling thru me underwear drawer.
    SID is obviously a god

  9. You have an undies drawer, beast?

    Full of frilly pink and shimmering green, no doubt.

    Fucking poof.

  10. And SID is mor Jabba The Hut than God, I'm afraid.

    He and MJ could almost be related.

  11. i don't know what everyone else is voting for, but i'm voting for a big, greezy sid, pig and taz 3-way.

  12. Thankfully I'm at work for the next 4 hours and don't have time to ponder all that has been going on here in my absence. Where is that fecking Oirishman is what I'd like to know.

  13. Just popping in to say that I can't erase the image of Beast in pink frilly undies.

  14. Cunts

    All of you


    I have secrets too you know!!


  15. SID: Yes, you have secrets. That's what this is all about. Thicko. Have you started drinking again? So, are you going to spill your secrets or beg Piggy not to tell?