Friday, August 18, 2006

Road Rage Cards

An alternative to giving drivers the finger.

Road Rage Cards come in flip-book form to flash out your car window.


  1. I need one of these as long as it says "YOU ARE TOO OLD TO DRIVE PAPAW. GO HOME"

  2. i thought thats what guns were for?
    *looks at Colt semi in puzzlement*

  3. I just know that if I ever flipped one of those cards up in traffic that the person reading it would turn out to be a Hells Angel or worse Some disaffected suicidal teenager whose girlfriend just dumped him and his parents kicked him out of the house so he stole the car that he is driving after he found his grandpas gun in the basement while he was sniffing model airplane glue and listening to subliminal messages from Marilyn Manson .....KABOOM!

  4. thank you for posting this. btw, i found you via