Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Leaving Las Vegas

Gilley’s Saloon: Cold beer…dirty girls

I’m back from Sin City!

My friend “C” from Toronto met me in Las Vegas to celebrate her birthday and as you can see from this pic…

… we made the most of it.

More pics to come later this week.

What did I miss while I was gone? Please update me on what you’ve been doing since I’ve been away.


  1. yipeeee 1st

    welcome back MJ we have missed you

    hope you had a great time

  2. Don't listen to the Midget - We've had a fan time while you've been gone.

    We're not going to tell you about it though.

    Did your return find Mr MJ cowering in a corner with a bottle of vodka (empty)?

    I bet he had a fab time too, while you were away.

    Where's my fucking postcard then? And my stick of rock? The least you could have done would have been to DHL or UPS them on the next day service.

    And are they needle marks I can see on that leathery arm in the pic? I get it now - all the way to Vegas to score some smack, eh?

  3. Welcome back! it's been dull, dull, dull. Missed nothing. Looking forward to "photo story" of the whole thing.

  4. Welcome back MJ. All sorts has been going on. But oh how we need you to restore the balance in cyberspace. Things have just not been the same - far too cultured.

  5. Good to have you back, MJ.

    Do the bulls really wear bikinis in Las Vegas?

    I bet the cows wear the trousers.

  6. Everyone: Thanks for coming back! Good to hear from all of you ... except Piggy.

    Midget Arse: Yay! You got here before that bitch Piggy. And thank you, I had a great time. I thought about you as I reached for my 70th cocktail.

    Piggy: You had a "fan" time? Please be aware that you can use the "preview" button before you post.

    You're getting an extra postcard so sharrup. There are no sticks of rock in Vegas as Vegas is landlocked and they only sell sticks of rock in seaside resorts. Please brush up on your geography.

    "C" is not a smack user and her arm is quite toned unlike your flabby appendages.

    *fondly remembering what life without Piggy was like in Vegas*

    Frobi: Ta. You're like a breath of fresh air after choking on Piggy's exhaust.

    Tom: I'll do my best to bring things back down to their lowest common denominator.

    Geoff: Yes, there's plenty of gender role reversal in Vegas. It's a town where you can be anyone you want and get anything you want.

  7. I thought that whatever happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas..
    weren't you Happening!
    Nothing much has gone on here except OUCH..I received my 6th frickin Wasp Sting this summer!!!!
    How ironic..I used to be a WASP.
    Oh yeah please take on Mr. Karr NUTJOB, the geniuses in the Colorado Law Enforcement circles (world's worst?) and the American media machine for reacting so cautiously and responsibly. You would think that they just found Adolph Hitler alive and living in Paraguay. Thank goodness the war (skirmish) in the Middle East ended in time for some Jonbenet news!

  8. Welcome back MJ.

    Piggy is rubbish at geography.

    Did you sweat much?

    Please say you did.


  9. Oh and you missed Piggy and Tazzy's naked webcam night.

    Their site was closed down for a week.

    They claimed they were setting up shop.

    Dirty cunts

  10. welcome back MJ!!!

    I've been cowering in the corner and weeping waiting for you to get back.

  11. HE: Have you switched religions? And did you see the story about the polygamist they arrested in Vegas?

    SID: I'm surpised Piggy located Ireland on the map and made it to yours safely.

    Sorry I didn't sweat for you. Even at 43 degrees Celsius, I love the heat. And I just have to say this... "but it was a dry heat." However, I was slathered in so much suntan oil that I was good 'n' greasy and you would have slipped right off me.

    Tazzy was nekkid on the Poofter Cam? Damn!
    *asks for private showing*

    Billy: Ta. Good to see you here again too. Will stop by Oye Billy later and see what I've missed.

    Pamer: You're such a drama queen. Now blow your nose and let's put a smile on your face.

  12. You would think that freak would have gone to Bangkok to satisfy his sick cravings. $54,000 and 11 cellphones might get you a lot of hookers in Salt Lake City but that's a drop in the bucket in Vegas!
    I would love to punch that guy! He looks like such a little weiner.

    I don't have a religion to switch?..unless I went from humanism to going medeival on that little freak..let me at 'em!

  13. *does the happy dance*












  14. Woo Hoo MJ's back.

    No joke, it's boring when you're not around.

  15. HE: I don't know about the hookers of Salt Lake City, but the hookers in Nevada (outside Vegas) ain't cheap. I'll be posting about the ladies of Nevada later.

    Awaiting: Do they deliver mail to rural Mississippi? If so, a postcard is on it's way to you. :) Good to be back with you again.

    D. Prince: Thank you! My vacation wasn't as relaxing as yours though despite the drinks by the pool pics. Vegas is all action all the time. I need a vacation to recup from my vacation.

  16. *yells at the top of her lungs, "yay! MJ's finally back to kick some poofter booty!"*

    mj - i can't tell you of the torture i've been put through by those terrible, terrible, poofs. well, just piggy was terrible. did ya have fun? did you go to a strip club? do we get to see the pictures?

  17. Pink: It shouldn't be too difficult to kick poofter booty as the target is so huge.

    I didn't go into the strip clubs but we went to some brothels in the desert. Will post tomorrow about that with pics. I got you an application form.

  18. Finally! Good to have you back.

  19. i appreciate it. it's hard on a girl working in mississippi. the only thing around here are gay men and rednecks.

  20. I'm assuming, Ms. Mysterious, that that's your arm in the pic, which would be a start...

    hope the trip was good. I see Piggy and Tazzy are creaming themselves over your return.

  21. Chelly: It's good to be back! I had a great vacation but I was ready to leave the sound of slot machines behind.

    Pink: Hard on a "girl working" or a "working girl?"

    WW: That's the arm of the International Woman of Mystery... my friend "C".

    *tries to erase mental image of Piggy creaming himself*

  22. Now, I can type now.

    I was seriously going through withdrawals. Hyperventilating and all that.

    Rural! I live in the big city, complete with skyscrapers!

    Okay, I'm lying.

  23. You will obviously be the next Bill Bryson.
    My favourite is the Cherry Patch Ranch House - what style.

  24. the tallest building in the town awaiting lives in Walmart.

  25. So glad you're back finally! I've just been doing my usual, you know, shoplifting, setting small fires, screwing my neighbors husbands, bleh, bleh, bleh.


    oh damn, did you get any shots inside the brothels? are they as cheesey and tacky as i imagine they are?? fuzzy wallpaper, mirror balls, flamingoes,, black lights? like my bedroom?

    Heidi Fleiss is a genius.

  27. FN: I wasn't in the ladies' rooms, just the adjoining bars. If you want to see pics, have a look at a book entitled "Brothels of Nevada: Candid Views of America's Legal Sex Industry" by Timothy Hursley. Great interior and exterior shots. And yes, they're as cheesy as you imagine they are.