Thursday, August 31, 2006

The Brothels of Nevada

Looking for a diversion or perversion on your next vacation? Why not visit Nevada’s brothels?

Prostitution is legal in certain counties in Nevada but not in the city of Las Vegas.

It was like pulling teeth to find out the brothel locations as I had forgotten to pack my bordello map. The Vegas locals and members of the hospitality industry all denied any knowledge of their whereabouts. Everyone knows that people come to Nevada for the brothels yet we encountered a hush-hush attitude from everyone we asked.

“C” and I rented a car and headed to the desert town of Pahrump, Nevada, about an hour’s drive from Las Vegas. Thanks to a couple of friendly locals, we were directed to the Chicken Ranch and Sheri’s Ranch, two popular brothels side by side on Homestead Road.

The Chicken Ranch: the Best Little Whorehouse in the West!

Ring the bell on the gate for admittance to the Chicken Ranch. You have to buzz to get out of there too!

If you’re interested in any of the ladies in the lineup at the Chicken Ranch, you’re offered a menu.

About 21 miles down the road from Pahrump is the hamlet of Crystal, Nevada. (population 23)

Just follow the dirt road.

Crystal is home to Mabel’s House of Prostitution …

Mabel’s Whorehouse: Where the customer comes first

… and Madame Butterfly Bath & Massage Salon ...

We saw some of the clientele and all I can say is that these girls earn every penny.

The Brothel Art Museum in Crystal is a combination bar/museum where the walls are lined with old newspaper clippings about Nevada brothels (shellacked and mounted onto wood plaques) and photographs of old Hollywood stars and singers.

A stuffed moose head is the focal point of the room.

When we arrived at the Brothel Art Museum, a two-piece band was practicing to a room of just two customers and us. The band indulged my song requests and didn’t kick me off the dance floor. And the female bartender was a real sweetie. Don’t go here if you’re expecting a cultural experience. But what it lacked in artistic merit, it made up for in hospitality.

Cherry Patch Ranch House of Prostitution in Crystal

Crystal, Nevada is where Heidi Fleiss is trying to open a brothel for women called Heidi's Stud Farm. The establishment would hire men to service women. Any fellas interested in employment on the Stud Farm can apply here.

Leghorn Bar at the Chicken Ranch

Management doesn’t usually offer brothel tours (to non-paying visitors like us) but you can drink in the bordello bars if you have some cash on you. We didn’t speak with any of the ladies as it was their dinner hour and it was back to business following their brief time off.

The bartenders in these establishments were very open and friendly and we enjoyed talking with them. We appreciate the time they took to chat with us.

Oh, and Pink? I got you an application form for employment at The Chicken Ranch.

Photos © MJ, Infomaniac. Click on the pics to enlarge.


  1. Thanks for all the info MJ. I am sure your many readers will benefit greatly from your extensive research. Good to know you can always get a shag in the good ol U S of A.

  2. So they all turned you down?

  3. Isn't the infamous Moonlight Bunny Ranch or Bunny Ranch somewhere in Vegas?

  4. awaiting used to work at the bunny ranch. that's where we met for the first time. don't let her fool you with her innocence. she's a pro.

  5. Tom: Always happy to help. Bookmark this posting now and plan your next Vegas vacation.

    Piggy: Why should I work in Nevada? I'm so busy that I've had to turn down the many punters who've come my way since you pimped me out to FuckFinder.

    Awaiting: The Moonlight BunnyRanch is about 400 miles from Vegas in Mound House, near Carson City. But I'm sure you know this already.

    Pink: Thanks for confirming my suspicions.

  6. Do you happen to know when Heidi's Stud Farm will be opening? I will plan my trip to Vegas accordingly.

  7. Pru: No news yet on a date for the opening of Heidi’s Stud Farm but you can bookmark the Heidi Fleiss website for updates. And start saving your money now!

  8. mj - no problem. awaiting likes to act all innocent, but i was the real innocent before awaiting corrupted me into this life of farming. you'll have to get her to tell you what her madam name was. and her stripper name. you didn't think those boobs of hers were real, now did you?

  9. I think I know where Geo and I are going for our next extended holiday.

    And that Chicken Ranch link was definitely NSFW!

    *makes mental note to reopen site when home*

  10. Pink: I'm sure they're real. Awaiting has too many mouths to feed to waste money on store-bought models.

    Maidink: They welcome couples so book now.

    Apologies for the naughty link. I forget that some may be checking in from work.

  11. You will obviously be the next Bill Bryson.
    My favourite is the Cherry Patch Ranch House - what style.

  12. do they cater to women, one wonders?
    one does.

  13. Kaz: So klassy.

    FN: They cater to anyone with a wad of bills.

  14. what a great little fact finding piece MJ. Nice work.

  15. Ha ha ha.

    How do the borthel workers look? cute and fancy? Just regular? I am soooo curious.

  16. Pamer: Ta. Do you think I should quit my day job and run brothel tours in the desert?

    Shoshana: We didn't set eyes on any of the ladies as we were in the adjoining bars and not the brothel rooms proper. You can get an idea of what they look like by visiting any of the brothels' websites. Basically, they look like regular girls.

  17. Apart from having fannies like buckets.

    Sort of like MJ's.

    Go on MJ, show us a pic of your fanny for illustrative purposes.

  18. Piggy: *sits on Piggy's face*
    There's a close-up of my fanny for you.

  19. Yes,I am a pro...why else would Jack come back?

  20. Pissoff: That was my first thought... are they nit free and STD free? The ladies inspect their clients for lice and sores before they get down and dirty. The ladies themselves must undergo a medical examination once a week to get a clean bill of health before they can continue working. But still...

  21. "Pissoff: That was my first thought... are they nit free and STD free?"

    Wow for a moment I thought you said SID free.

    That would never do.

    Nice pics

    brought to you by WV geagpiss

  22. SID: You may be STD-free but I'm sure you have a nest of nits.

  23. I wouldn't refer to all the bloggers as that.

    Cunts yes,but not nits.