Thursday, August 01, 2013

World Middle Finger Day

August 1st is World Middle Finger Day.

The folks here "are initiating a global day to celebrate the freedom to object, using the most univeral gesture of discontent or protest: The Middle Finger.

We've all got something that annoys the hell out of us. Or outrages us. Whatever it is, big or small, on August 1: Give 'em the finger!"

How will you be using your middle finger today?


  1. FIRST! Yes...with pleasure and a perfectly sincere smile on my face

  2. I've been using my middle finger every second of my entire life!

    Pissed off, I am way too often.

    So let's make tomorrow World Wide P.E.N.I.S. Day!

  3. I probably won't be using it today as I am not due on until tomorrow.

  4. You really want me to answer that question how ill use my middle finger?

  5. kabuki shall be using the middle finger to remind bitches that kabuki is still alive and kicking. ps kicking is most dangerous in a kimono, just thought you should know.

  6. Does this mean the Mistress is now on Farcebook?!

    Everyone laughs at me when I give them the finger... it has a slight 'bend' in it.

  7. Gently pressing and rubbing. How else?

  8. actually, i've never given the finger to anyone...

    though i tell every other person i pass to fuck themselves.

    hope this brings a bright spot to everyone's day!

  9. In Baltimore, the middle finger conveys your charm to others.