Monday, August 26, 2013

While You're Waiting...

Thanks to everyone who sent in their photo submissions on time for the Third Annual Garden Photos Event.

Not surprisingly, many of you waited until THE LAST MINUTE to submit your photos, thus forcing Mistress MJ into overdrive in an attempt to get the big upcoming Garden Photos Event post ready.


Mistress MJ intends to take the day off from blogging, enjoying a day in her own garden, wearing the closest thing she has to Peggy Guggenheim sunglasses and enjoying a refreshing cocktail.

NOTE: I received quite a few submissions yesterday and haven't had time to respond to your email messages yet. Keep your pants on, Bitches.


  1. Happy gardening, Mistress.

    Yoy, first!

  2. O WEH! Second!

    I sent my pictures a couple of weeks ago so I demand extra points for being a good bitch.

    Mistress, your lawn needs to be mowed. Why don't you ask LX's friend to do it for you?

  3. You must have had something of a stampede... I will try to keep my pics under control next time.

  4. You felt the need to tell us you are going to spend the day hoeing around..?

  5. The words "cock" and "tail" are evidently not unheard in the Mistress's garden... Jx

  6. Great minds must think alike. I too am taking it easy on a chaise trying to dry out from the weekend trip. So today, no gin or hoeing, just Pimms and a good buff job.

  7. Shouldn't this read "While I am waiting"?

    Dear, I opted out the contest because frankly, our yard is shameful. Frankly, I am embarrassed to have the bee's wasting their energies on the few flowers that the Rabbits haven't consumed, the ravenous monsters. Next year for sure. Hopefully some of the things we planted will come roaring back.

  8. "Not surprisingly, many of you waited until THE LAST MINUTE"

    Perhaps we're just not premature?

  9. Is it even physically possible for you to hold your knees together?

  10. DAMNIT! Missed it!
    I was in your neck of the woods for the last 2 weeks Mistress, and I was *ahem* otherwise occupied ....