Friday, March 05, 2010

Filthy Friday – Self-Esteem Edition

Do you have this much self-confidence when you look at yourself nekkid in the mirror?...

(click to enhance confidence)


  1. Well, I'm not vain like that dude, but I certainly like what I see in the mirror after getting out of the shower...all that steam to write messages and art in!

    But I give that old man big props for being so bold and proud!

  2. If you ask me I think he's a little over confident. With a bit of the fupa.

    But yes to answer your question yes I think I exude every bit of delusional self-confidence as this geezer does.

  3. Confident or crazy? It's a fine line.

    Hai Savannah! You shared Firsty tonight with Eroswings.

  4. I am finally at a my place in my life and my depression that I am happy with myself - chubby and older as I am - I am happy enough that i will soon be posting nudies of me on 2 Cents Worth.

    Hows that for cracking the self esteem barrier - and that is a HUGE thing for a clinical depressive.

    Snaps for me :)

  5. Wow.

    He's looking pleased with himself.

    And no, I'm not that pleased with myself.

    Oh hai Savannah, eroswings, Cyberpete, Boxer, Damien, ayem8y...

    I think we all need to celebrate with him...

    *opens bottle of bubbly*

  6. What's a "fupa?"

    This geezer might just have a better body than me.

  7. OOh yes especially when I've shaved my head and all those other bits. I too can look like a plucked turkey

  8. i guess i'd say, cut the impressive dick off at the root, place it on a lovely silver platter for all to see & incinerate the remaining flesh.

    me? i wouldn't even glance in a mirror.

  9. We all look better wearing lovely confidence enhancing shoes because they make everything stick out in the right place.

  10. What's a "fupa?"

    Fat Upper Pubic Area

  11. Did someone mention bubbly?

    Fupa - hah!

  12. *Boycotting Future Filthy Fridays*

  13. Just the fact that he can stand is a miracle, let alone in all his glorious nakedness. Narcissus lives!
    Damien.. Welcome fellow traveller depression is a bitch!
    Hi Roses,Eros,Pete,Savannah,Xl,Scarlet and Mr Pirate.
    I think i'll just be off to strike a nudie pose in front of the mirror and see if i can manage to keep my breakfast down.

    Hey Roses, any bubbly left darling?
    Pete's probably swilling straight from the bottle!

  14. You are right about that Princess!

    One hand aroung the smooth long hard neck of the champagne bottle and the other holding the night vision goggles while spying on Princess

  15. HEY !!!

    *I* have a fupa!!

    *insert adorable pout here*

  16. What's the word of the day today then?

    What with no new post on Saturday and all. Lazy bitch.

  17. Don't panic Cyberpete, I went out and bought another couple of bottles for us last night.

    *offers the bottle*

  18. Yay Roses! Younare a lifesaver!

    Word of the day: Moet!

  19. "There comes a time when you look in the mirror and realise what you see is all you will ever be.

    And so you accept it.

    Or you go mad.

    Or you stop looking into mirrors."

    - Londo Mollari

  20. Oh, I try not to look at myself in mirrors. Especially if MirrorMe is around. That devious, scheming stinker!

  21. WOW..I want self esteem like that..WOW