Thursday, March 04, 2010

Mug Shots Winner!

The winner of the most hideous mug in our Mug Shots Competition is …

AYEM8Y (aka Mean Dirty Pirate)!

Ayem8y’s hideous clown mug scored an astounding 10 votes!

Runners-up are:

kabuki: 3 votes
Kelly Red: 3 votes
Inexplicable DeVice (IVD) : 2 votes
Mitzi’s mug#1: 2 votes
Mitzi’s mug#2: 1 votes
Chris: 1 vote
Eroswings’ mug#2: 1 vote
Eroswings’ mug#3: 1 vote
Felix’s mug#2: 1 vote
Beast: 1 vote
Boxer: 1 vote

19 of you bitches submitted a total of 25 mugs!

We briefly considered sending all your mugs to the contest winner but instead AYEM8Y is going home with these fabulous “Why Limit Happy To An Hour?” cocktail napkins!…

Congratulations, AYEM8Y!

And thanks so much to all you bitches who rummaged about to find us the worst of your crockery.

Who knew there was so much fugliness lurking in your kitchen cupboards?

There are still, however, some unanswered questions from yesterday’s comments as follows:

What kind of pills are those Manuel is mixing with his tea?

Wondering if Mr Peenee and Beast bought their Liz mugs at the same store?

I'm surprised there are no Charles & Diana mugs. Were they all thrown to the ground in disgust when he got it on with Horse-Face?

Didn't the Vikings drink from the skulls of their dead enemies?

Boxer's mug has me worried. What kind of a crittur is that?

Why have Geoff and Betty this piece of red meat with the rotten green tip on the fridge door?

Feel free to put in your 2 cents worth if you know the answers.

We couldn’t help but notice that a few of you actually covet other bitches’ mugs …

Michael Guy said, “I'm seriously jealous of that FELIX/HALSTON mug.”
Note to Michael: Maybe Felix will give it to you … for $31!

Heff said, “I MUST HAVE Chris's mug.”

IVD said, “* gazes adoringly at Princess's "Prince Albert" teacup, saucer & plate*”

Jason said, “I want at least half of them...that Betty Ford one please!”

Well, that’s it for now, folks.

Keep your cameras at hand because we’ll be having another exciting contest later this month!


  1. Congratulations Ayem8y!

    May you be as happy as that clown when the prize arrives!

    Boxer's mug has me worried. What kind of a crittur is that?

    I believe that is the rare southwestern Jackalope!

    Why have Geoff and Betty this piece of red meat with the rotten green tip on the fridge door?

    I believe that's one of them Red Hot Chili Peppers! Betty and Geoff must be big fans of the band!

  2. I thought I saw a Charles and Diana mug on Beasties untidy kitchen counter.

    MDPs clown mug has given me nightmares. Reminds me of Pennywise from Stephen Kings It.

    The Halston mug isn't ugly though. The Betty Ford one rocks!

  3. We need a story about how the poor guy ended up with the hIdeously scary clown mug.

  4. And why it hasn't been...disposed of.

  5. I would like to congratulate all of the infomaniacs who in my eyes were all winners in as much as they all own some damn ugly mugs.

    We need a story about how the poor guy ended up with the hideously scary clown mug.

    I took my niece and nephew to the Ringling Bros. and Barnum Bailey circus a few years ago and they insisted on having that damn clown mug! When the show was over they left the mug behind, but I wasn’t going to leave it behind because the thing cost a pretty penny.

    And why it hasn't been...disposed of.

    After the show and when she was trying to leave it behind my niece said it scared her. So when she comes to visit I trot it out and make her drink out of it.

  6. Congrats to ayem8y! Well played because that is one hideous mug and pretty horrendous back story.

    (I hate the circus.)

  7. That's a great idea although I'd have nightmares knowing it was still in the house. Yikes!

    Don't expect me to spend the night

  8. Seeing the combined horror of Infomaniac muggery will give me a year's worth of nightmares - I might have to take some drugs

  9. I just never learn, do I? After only one coffee and smoke, it's more than I can take.

    There it is, that hideous mug again. Now I feel queasy.

    It haunts me.

    Congrats to Ayem8y, you deserve the fabulous prize, you really do.

  10. Congratulations to 80! The backstory is really fitting with the object. When your niece will hit that terrible thing on the kitchen floor you know she has grown up.

  11. Nice speech, Ayem8y, but I'm gonna go all Margot Channing on yo' azz:

    "Nice speech, Eve. But I wouldn't worry too much about your heart. You can always put that CLOWN MUG where your heart ought to be...."

  12. Congrats Matey!

    I like Princess's Mug #1!

  13. It couldn't happen to a nicer clown.

  14. Yay AYEM8Y indeed! Jolly good show!

    * shudders involuntarily after catching a glimpse of the accursed clown mug again *

  15. Congrats Ayem8ty on your win! (I'm only slightly bitter)

  16. Congrats to Mr Pirate!
    *sneaks off with Boxer's mug...*

  17. I will now be on the lookout for a truly hideous mug to beat the clown. It's going to be hard.

  18. no votes? No answer to the question...


  19. I gladly take second place (I'm prettier than that 'red woman' and bow to AYEM8Y! That is one scary mug. I'm talking 'no hot chocolate for me, I've got to go to therapy ugly'. Now that I have returned to my own digs I relish the next contest. Why no mug from xl? he don't want to play in our reindeer games? he to good to use a mug? Something smells- and it may be me!

  20. Well shiver me timbers and send in the Clowns, Who would have guessed that cute widdle cwown would win?

    Well done AYEM8TY and congratulations.

    The sooner your niece wakes up to your wicked ploy and smashes it the better....

    And speaking of wicked ploys...
    I must confess that my mentioning of a "Prince Albert" was a sneaky ploy... To flush out some officionados...

    It is actually "Royal Albert"

    A "Prince Albert" is something completely different altogether...
    But Thank you Mr DeVice for admiring it so...

    Oh and thanx Mr XL i'm supping coffee from it as we speak, fortuitously NOT from SBucks.

  21. Well done Ayem8y! Manuel are those nicotine lozenges?