Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Mug Shots – Vote Now!

Voting day is HERE, bitches!

Choose whichever mug you think is more hideous than these mugs given to me by Yorkshire’s Favourite Poofs, Tazzy and Piggy

You can vote for only ONE mug.

Do NOT vote for your own mug.

Some readers have more than one mug entered in the competition. So if you’re voting for someone who has multiple entries, be sure to indicate which of their mugs gets your vote.

Mistress MJ has resisted writing snarky descriptions of each mug, leaving it up to you to critique. And we know you will.

We encourage you to tell us the story behind your mug.

Are you ready?

Infomaniac presents your MUG SHOTS!





KELLY RED's MUG (pictured from both sides):






(click to enlarge)








(click to enlarge)









This post will be up all day Tuesday and Wednesday so take your time and consider each mug carefully before you make your choice.

The winner will be announced in Thursday's post.

Enjoy the hideousity, bitches!


  1. It's a good thing we'll be voting for two days! I'm going to need the extra time to pick the really ugly one!

  2. I think my brain is exploding. Plus Beast STOLE MY MUG. Nevertheless, I have to go with ayem8y's scary clown mug. Although Chris's titty just about swayed me.

  3. So many ugly mugs, so little time!

  4. Oh and I can't believe Beastie didn't tidy up before taking that photo

  5. I'm not a coffee drinker; but I do have some plain ones that I use for tea and hot chocolate.

    Mug 1

    I have no idea where I got this cup. But it's very useful for keeping pens and pencils. The US flag I bought some years ago. The Canadian flag I got as a gift from a friend years ago when I was living on the East Coast.

    Mug 2

    I also have no idea where I got this Boy Scouts Mug, but I've found a very good use for it! The Boy Scouts motto is Be Prepared! And so I am!

    Mug 3

    I got this beer mug during the week long St Patrick's Day festivities on River Street in Savannah, Georgia years ago! Back then, they didn't have checkpoints or ID bands to make sure the revelers were legal. I was underage at the time, but the street vendors selling alcohol weren't checking IDs! It was a blast! Just to clarify something, I did have some of those pansy fruity drinks (and some jello shots, too), but they came in disposable plastic cups. This mug I kept as a souvenir!

  6. Wow. I thought mine had to be the worst. That was before I saw some of these others. These are some ugly-ass mugs.

    I'll be back.

  7. p.s. the story behind the aesthetic holocaust that is my mug is simple and to the point: Sarge (my husband) is an Army veteran. And he's hot stuff. So someone thought this mug was funny. But I could have told them that, well, no it's not. However...it's so appalling that I've developed a soft spot for the atrocity and can't bear to give it up.

    I will add that Sarge cringes whenever he sees it...

  8. Note to Self: do not keep popping on here first thing in the morning. It sabotages my day.

    I'm going to have to come back later.

  9. Boxer's mug has me worried.
    What kind of a crittur is that?

  10. There are 3 categories: ugly, atrocious and scary.

    The clown mug is downright scary.

    Still haven't picked out the one I will vote for though.

  11. SOme monstrosities ...

  12. Mitzi'S NUmber 2 is a beer stein, ein Bierkrug. A very strange one. And why have Geoff and Betty this peace of red meat with the rotten grrn tip on the fridge door?

  13. Hi All
    I'm Just home today,and am glad to say the Empress has her new hip!
    All went well but we are both pretty exhausted. Will give a full report on a post later in the week but had to check out the mugshots!

    Fantastic entries all around.
    I shall experience nightmares for weeks!

    Mug 1.
    Was an extremely generous gift from my brother and is wife for managing their small grocery supermarket whilst they took their family on holiday. It was in the middle of summer with 40C degree days power outages and long nights monitoring freezer levels etc so as not to lose all their cold stock. Round the clock for three days and all I got for my effort was a fu**ing starbucks mug. I can't even drink the muck that they serve as "coffee" let alone their corporate megalopoly! They are like a creeping disease.

    Mugs 2
    Are a selection of more tasteful Old things that just hapened to be laying about "the palais"
    The tea cup,saucer and plate are a "Prince Albert" heirloom from a very dear Aunt, The Noritake is from a full 12 place setting suite that was a wedding gift to the Empress Dowager and the Dear Departed Emperor, it also has matching tea and coffee pots butter dishes etc. The small japanese style mug is also an heirloom piece passed on from mother to daughter for generations an no one really knows how many generations. I can remember it sitting in my Great Grandmothers cabinet having pride of place for many years, then my Grandmothers and now the Empress's. There could well be a bitchfight slapdown with my sister when the time comes to pass the mantle!

    As for voting, I do like a safety boy Mr Eros, and Pete just remember that you dont have to look at the mantle piece while stoking the fire!
    Clowns are creepy.

    Let me get some sleep It has been a very long five days and i'll vote tomorrow.

    Thankyou all for your well wishes and the Empress thanks you all too....

  14. Some excellent examples here! and obviously a few Royalists!

    But, my vote goes to:-

    Mitzi's Mug No.2

  15. You know I'm all about the boobies so I pick Chris's mug

  16. Kelly Red (who?). Brought back all kinds of horrors from the 1980s!

  17. MOST HIDEOUS: Mitzi’s mug #1

    I rather like all the rest.

  18. Right. I'm back again.

    I vote for AYEM8Y's mug.

    I loathe and detest clowns.


  19. The clown is really really bad, isn't it?

    I LOVE the Reagan mug.

    And the boob.

    Okay--worst mugs in my opinion (besides my own) are the Halston mug, and the Nascar mug. I am feeling on the fence, so I'll be back again...

  20. p.s. the Betty Ford Center mug is pretty rock and roll too.

  21. Good gawd! Now I know why IDV is so skinny! If I had to look at the mug everyday, I'd eat a whole lot less and work out a whole lot more!

    I'm still mulling over which one gets my vote...I'll be back.

    I was wondering if Mr Peenee and Beast bought their Liz mugs at the same store. And what kind of pills are those Manuel is mixing with his tea?

  22. Without A DOUBT, AYEM8Y's MUG is the most hideous.

    ....and I MUST HAVE Chris's mug.

  23. I am torn betwixt IVD's digestively gifted lady and Anonymous boxer's Jackalopsant thingamabob...hmm..
    heads it's IVD and tails..
    heads it is..
    IVD wins.

  24. I had to think too.

    That clown mug gave me nightmares last night. It gets my vote.

  25. AYEM8Y's clown mug is terror incarnate! Ick! Ick! Get it away!

    * gazes adoringly at Princess's "Prince Albert" teacup, saucer & plate to try and forget the horror of the clown mug *

    I rather like KAZ's mug. Although I couldn't possibly drink out of it.

    Just in case I don't come back with a vote by Wednesday, my choice is AYEM8Y's horror-mug.

  26. Clearly it's ayem8y's frick'n clown mug that has run off with this competition.

    I'm seriously jealous of that FELIX/HALSTON mug. And KELLY RED's Reagan mug sets my teeth on edge for its utter cheapness in quality.

    Great collection of tacky mugs overall; good competition, MJ! :)

  27. I am a long time lurker who decided to join the fun. The Reagan mug was given to my very liberal hubby by a GOP friend of his. As I told MJ, I don't know why he kept it, or why I have to look at it every morning when I open the cupboard. I thought my mug was of the biggest clown until I saw AYEM8Y post theirs. I vote for that one...I HATE clowns!

  28. I'm rather taken with Boxer's mug. I need a better look, I can't quite figure out what's going on.
    Apologies, I thought I had until Wednesday to send in a pic of my mug. I'm a littlemuddled [see] at the moment.

  29. It has to be said they are all fairly vile , runners up are IVD and Chris , but Eros's # 3 does it for me......Its just wrong on so many fronts

  30. I honestly don't see one here that ISN'T deserving of the award! Congrats to every one.

    I can't even compute the titty mug as I drink my coffee black. I'm tempted to hop on board with aym8ty's clown mug, but truth be told, I'd rather spend my mornings sipping from a clown than have one for my president, so my vote goes to THE REAGAN MUG.

  31. Kelly Red's Ray-Gun mug.

    I wouldn't want my lips anywhere near that wooden actor.

    I'm surprised there are no Charles & Diana mugs. Were they all thrown to the ground in disgust when he got it on with Horse-Face?

  32. Okay, I'm firming up on the NASCAR mug. Something about it just sends an electric jolt through my brainpan.

  33. The scary mugs are definately the clown, boob and IDVs mug.

    Yet my vote must go to none other than Beasties (untidy kitchen counter) HRH Queen Lizzie mug because not only is the print tacky and the image hilarious but it is an overall hideously designed mug.

    I've always walked past those shops in London thinking who actually buys that tacky tat. The answer?

    Beastie does! Bless 'im.


    is brilliant!

  35. I want at least half of them...that Betty Ford one please!
    But if I had to choose an "ugly" one, I'd have to choose Kabuki's

  36. The "Empress" chooses "Betty Dress Nice" Sent in by Mr Peenee.

    An as much as i love "Bubbles DeVere" Mr IDV, just the mere thought of supping from her "mangy minge" every morning makes me feel quite bilious...

    Therefore I vote for "Safety Boy"
    Mr Eros with his Buffet of safety accoutriments. Stored in Mugshot number 2. I say "stored", as they appear to be festooned with dust!

  37. Carry on, bitches.

    You have all day Wednesday to vote if you haven't already made your voice heard.

    Mistress MJ is keeping score.

  38. i thought you already had a picture of my ugly mug...

  39. Princess' mugs #2 are very nice, as are Betty & Geoff's. Felix's are nice too, except Mug #4 has me confused. I thought butch refers to lesbians, and I didn't realize that lesbians wore jockstraps.

    The boob mug is beautiful. I can hold it all day!

    But it comes down to Aym8y's creepy clown and IDV's jiggly scary lady.

    And while I'm sure the freaky clown mug will scare little children, it's IDV's jiggly lady that gets my vote! I don't I'm ready for that jelly!

  40. P.S. Princess, I can assure you that my mug #2 is regularly stocked. That stuff also glows in the dark!

  41. Getting up and awake in the morning is hard enough to do. If I had the clown head mug, it would never happen. I'd either starve to death in bed or possibly gouge my eyes out, because I need coffee so badly, without clowns no clowns.

    my vote goes to AYEM8Y's MUG.

  42. I'm torn between Princess's #2 collection of priceless porcelain which wouldn't look out of place in Auntie Wainwrights tat shop and Ayem8y's sinister looking clown's head. It reminds me of that Hannibal Lector film, you know the one, when he's sat at the table with the top of his head off. I'm going to vote for Ayem8y's it's hideous and disturbing.

  43. oh yeah, the clown mug, sugar! i would have dropped it as soon as i saw it! xoxoxo

  44. Besides that clown-thing - didn't the Vikings drink from the skulls of their dead enemies? No blow to the head, Ragnar, don't brake the mug! - that makes excellent church-bazaar material and goes as ointment vase too, I find two mugs really ugly.
    Boxer's strange blue thing that seems to pick up some classical greek forms (an urn? a krater?, is terribly impractical and the picture on it is creepy and makes no sense.
    But Mitzi's number one is really ugly and tops it: These mugs seem always dirty to me, always look used and have "Herpes" written all over it - its the design of the brim without clear colour, without clear cut: On any other mug you see whether it is used or not (even the clown monstrosity if one perv can really drink from it!), not on this one.

    So I vote for

    MITZI's MUG # 1

    DESTROY it!

  45. it's so hard to choose, but you did say hideous and that would have to be kabuki's.

  46. Felix's Mug #2. A perfect way to drink my Maker's Mark

  47. I've been thinking. I can't get AYEM8Y's clown mug out of my head, but Anon.Boxer's vile shaped mug is giving it a run for the money. And just what is that weird basilisk on it?


    I vote for the clown mug.

  48. Decided - it's gotta be Boxer's critter.

  49. This contest has ended.

    Stay tuned for the winner, bitches!