Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Seen on the Slopes

Is it too much to ask that Mistress MJ get away for a day on the slopes without being followed by the Infomaniac paparazzi?

Mistress MJ was pursued down the hill by our health inspector MARGARET...

and busybody NORMA...

and HUGGY JON...

Can't a Bitch have a little private time?


  1. Please do not be disparaging about Ms Norma and Margaret as bothAre sensibly wearing their vests. And plenty of other garments.
    I have heard reports that you are on the piste wearing nothing but Mrs P's second hand sheared beaver and a chiffon wrap - the shame of it.

  2. don't break any of your legs dear

  3. UPDATE: Huggy Jon has been spotted on the slopes since this was posted. See new photo.

  4. kabuki couldn't find attractive ski boots, so it will have to be apres ski for mois

  5. Oh, look!
    Norma's wearing a new dress.

  6. Don't eat the yellow snow!

  7. Is Margaret finally airing her old welcome mat?
    Has poor Norma been evicted?
    Huggy Jon... has gone to pack in nothing but a tricolour thong... I'm not surprized at any of these developments....

    1. ♬♪ Allons z'enfants de la patrie... ♬♪•*¨*•.¸¸♫¸.•*¨*••*♫

    2. My mat was not welcome landing on top of norma's (ski) pole.

  8. BITCHES: Note that none of the guilty parties mentioned here (Margaret, Norma, Huggy Jon) have stepped forward to admit their wrongdoing.

    1. Norma, Huggy Jon and Margaret go on a ski trip together. They call up their travel agent, and they inform them that there is only one hotel in town with vacancies. The three jump at the opportunity and they decide to go along there, only to be told by the hotel reception that there is just one available room left in the hotel since MJ booked the entire place for herself and her legion. While they would prefer their own rooms, they decide that they can share the room. So, the bellhop took their bags to the hotel room, and upon opening the door, they discover only one queen sized bed. Begrudgingly, the trio accepted the accommodations, figuring that it's just for the night and that the skiing, and snooping on MJ, will be worth it in the morning.

      So, the three climbed into bed, and in the morning, they each exclaim how well-rested they felt. Norma slept on the right side of the bed said, "That was the best night of sleep I have ever had. I even had a dream that I had the best hand job ever last night."

      Huggy Jon on the left side says, "That's funny, I had the exact same dream!"

      "That's incredible!" he replied, "How about you Margaret? Did you have the same dream?"

      "Nope. I dreamt I was skiing."

      When MJ overheard this she stormed out of her room, furiously climbed the slopes and caused an avalanche.

    2. and margaret will be signing copies
      of her latest tome,
      stories from the chalet
      at the infomaniac mall,
      north concourse,
      sheathed kiosk.

    3. Wearing rubber gloves, of course.

    4. margaret, forever the optimist.

    5. Are you Bitches quite finished here?

    6. what's the problem dear,
      are you anxious to
      scour the bowls,
      close up this ladies lounge
      & punch out?

  9. Mistress should have at least posted a picture of herself too:

    OOPS! That's the wrong picture, eh? We've all recongnized Norma's little babies.

    Now let me try again!


  10. jesus christ, it was easier
    tailing garbo in the '70s!