Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Sasquatch Detective Agency

He goes by many names. Big Foot, Yeti, abominable snowman. Here in Canada this hairy human-like creature is known as the Sasquatch. And they’ve yet to track him down.

Enter Red Grossinger from Whitehorse. Red founded the Sasquatch Yukon Organization to seriously investigate Sasquatch sightings in Canada’s north.

If you’ve spotted a sasquatch, contact Red at

More details at CBC.

(Thanks, Margy)


  1. Pamer: Does the hirsute gene run in your family? You must have a hell of a time shaving.

  2. My husband swears on his life that he saw a Yeti while trekking in Nepal. I think it might have been the effects of the hash but he's adamant in his belief.

  3. D.Prince: "Headline: Husband Has Hot Knives Hallucination!"

  4. it must've been a recessive gene...i'm as bald as a baby