Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Nun Dolls

Blessings Expressions of Faith is closing its doors. So get your Nun Doll order in before May 27th.

Or perhaps you would prefer a Catholic School Girl Doll.


  1. Just tried to order a Missionary Sister.

    None left.

  2. i would prefer to not to have seen any of that, actually.

    thank you heartily for the trauma. im going to go cry now.

    nuns. brrrrr.

  3. First Nations: Please don't send your therapy bill to me.

  4. for the love of the being whose existence i doubt! who would buy one of those things?

    and for the love of the much-doubted deity, how on earth did you find these on the interweb?

  5. Urban Chick: Who would buy one of these things? Well, it appears that our Geoff is interested, for one.

    How did I find them? I've had this doll link (and many more things you don't want to know about but will eventually appear on this blog) bookmarked for a very long time. At last I have this blog as an outlet for my (you may fill in the blank here.)

  6. ugh creeeeepy

    They look a little like the marianettes from Team America

  7. Pamer: I see what you mean. Something very Team America and also Thunderbird-ish about them. Shudder.